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  2. [SUGGESTION] GUI changes

    Hi @threeheaded monkey Thanks for the suggestion. That's kind of what we plan, some UI elements will appear based on your evolution progress. p.s. I'll check if we can have auto approval, we have this in place not because we don't trust you, but because we're getting spammed by Chinese spam bots heavily. Alex
  3. Forum interface

  4. [SUGGESTION] GUI changes

    Heya. I was just playtesting the game again and while watching the GUI change, after assigning a nugget to the forecast tower, it came to me that the whole GUI could "evolve" along the abillities of the gamer/god.That way you could kinda "introduce" every single part of the GUI and its position without overhelming/confusing the gamer by having all the graphs and buttons visible already. EDIT: Still I have to wait for a mod authorizing my thread. That's bothering me a bit,guys! Am I somehow putting public safety at risk, or what? Acknowledged.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Forum interface

    Hi Serbanescu! We're also doing some more forum reorganizing and optimization so you might see a few features move around or get adjusted over the next week!
  7. Forum interface

    Holaaa, What's happened to the forum interface, it looks better (graphicaly), but it's messed up, I select to sort by "last reply" but it doesnt work, it's all jumbeled up. Hard to keep up with the discussions, is it just me, or it's a general thing? Edit: Just figured it out, it's cuz of the pinned threads are actualy pinned to show up first XD. After them comes the threads sorted as i wished:D
  8. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    After making sure I was allowed to stream, I will do it! Possibly even tonight, if health allows me to. My channel is over at twitch.tv/designthylife. I'm so excited!
  9. Here we go! I'm way too excited (and already slightly addicted) for this game!
  10. @rraccoonn In regards to the speed of the game. For MacOS, it has been using OpenGL as the main graphics. Part of the hotifx that is being worked on for the MacOS issue is to use Metal. With this change, you should see some improvements in performance. Not sure how much, but some. The hotfix isn't ready yet, but hopefully we will have it out this week if all goes well. Cross your fingers
  11. Last week
  12. Error when sending bug report

    Hi @PandaLeaf thank you for your report. This feature is disabled at the moment. We've been getting tons of useless information, we implemented automatic bug report that collects issues that you might encounter with the game. Thank you for your support!
  13. Pardon the dust!

    Another quick update to this. We're adjusting things a bit more and adding a few new features. as we add and adjust you might notice a few things turning off/on or some of the feeds for new content/recent posts not functioning properly or going empty. Once everything is finalized these things should all return to normal!
  14. Current badge requests should be up-to-date
  15. [TWITTER] "..."

    Love how they are doing a 30% discount sale on a game thats in Alpha....If people are not seeing the red flags here then...god bless, i guess...
  16. Hello, When I try to submit a bug report in-game and try to send it, the following error message shows up: I've also attached a screenshot of the error message. Basically, the bug I wanted to report was that a transparent white square appears around the cursor when I press the CTRL key (right clicking fixes it). Not sure if this is intended or not, but wanted to let you guys know. I also noticed that the cursor moves to the centre of the screen when I right click and I was wondering if this is intentional?
  17. Closed beta. Yes or no?

    7690 followers. where do you get those 24k followers from? The official Twitter account from The universim has only 7690 followers. This forum has 14363 registered members. Sooo.... Then it's mismanagement from your CEO. If you're a developer and also the only one from the dev team (thanks by the way for answering) your job is overloaded. Your CEO should have hired a community manager not a voluntary for this job. Oh and of course the NDA problem.... Some people do not think about consequences. I had the offer as well and did not sign a NDA. You demanded a NDA afterwards while I already had access to bug builds through steam. It was the time when you asked for community testers the first time. I still refused to sign NDA and you changed the buld in steam. so no more updates there. You don't seem to understand. The NDA situation. If you want somebody to sign a NDA there are consequences. Most people don't think about such things BUT some do. If you want an NDA you say: We will sue you if you break the NDA. Otherwise a NDA is useless. And a kickstarted company that is willing to sue it's funders is simply not trustworthy in my opinion. It does not matter if some others did it already. It's a trust thing. But nevertheless thank you for your answers.
  18. Recommendations

    That's B&W :D, but it truly is a nice concept, and I would love to see it personalized and made in The Universim's way
  19. Closed beta. Yes or no?

    Alright, so a couple things to cover here. We're working on getting the twitter feed to aggregate right here, and will be trying to route people to the forums in official anouncements. That being said, the role of the forums is community discussion, which we're happy to have in paragraph long style as exemplified here. The social feeds will still be largely for announcements as there are more people there to the best of my knowledge ( @threeheaded monkey I appreciate analysis, but I'm not sure where you're pulling 40k from when the KS was backed by 11k. Is that all combined sales?) which goes through the Universim page, but also all the Crytivo pages, the Twitter alone has 24k followers. The fact is, we're already struggling to cover those announcements and every moment I'm typing this is taking away from my actual job in development. Now, the size of the forums is not to be disregarded, as it is absolutely notable, so like I said, we are working to get more announcements and attention here, for discussion on new and old features, the direction of the game, and so on. Like Ace said, forums in many ways are the best for this sort of discourse where people can write out their thoughts in full, and aren't stepping all over each other in a texting spree. As for NDAs, I understand you're upset about this, but we've previously had testers in the past who put down their time to help us make the game better prior to releases, who signed NDAs, and who would presumably be willing to bug test under the same circumstances. @AceOfSpadez I appreciate the insight into SC, and I want to point out that what we are talking about is that first round of bug testing, to make sure the game isn't broken and we don't have situations like you seem to be experiencing. (If you'd like to email about your particular bug, or just forward me whatever correspondence you already had, I'll look into it and see what's up since a bug like you're describing is absolutely something I want squashed. My email is cmagerle@crytivo.com). @Grapplehoeker to explain better, the NDA is not about reviews. We know that our steam launch is super important, and when we launch, there will be thousands of people who already own the game and have an opinion who will give their review. The NDA isn't about that. Whether on Steam or elsewhere, once the game ships, or even before, anyone who has already seen it and has loads of experience can make their voice heard and let people know. Baseline, when this thread was posted, a number of people responded after Alex mentioned an NDA, affirming that they would be interested in doing testing for us. This testing would only be for bug testing prior to the August release. Everything before then, anyone who has contributed to the game already has access to and has many avenues where they can make their thoughts known. When we launch in August everyone in the community will be able to voice their opinion just as well. Prior to that, the community is already making its voice known. Hope this has helped elucidate some things about our plan. I think if we want to continue this conversation we can, but should have it in threads marked individually with each topic, as the conversation around testing has splintered into a number of topics that are valuable, but irrelevant to the original thread. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
  20. update problem 15% fatal error

    I did end up getting the numbers just were not changing. So it likley was a combination of my bad internet and some impatience
  21. update problem 15% fatal error

    Please send an email to support@crytivo.com so we can help you through the error
  22. update problem 15% fatal error

    no it did not work at least from what i can tell ill give it some time so see if the launcher just is not registering the fact that its downloading. idk if this could be a problem but i am currently stationed in japan if that makes a difference.
  23. update problem 15% fatal error

    This may help,dunno.
  24. So i did see this on a previous post, but i am having a problem every time i get to 15% i give it an hour or two then i receive a fatal error. Every time i go to try again it does the same thing and it does not go past 156340827 bytes. Is there anything i could do to get passed this. i have uninstalled once and it did the same thing.
  25. Closed beta. Yes or no?

    Ok I will share some of my insight. Sorry for plugging a different game here but it is needed for the comparison. I am a avid player, and sometimes streamer of the biggest crowdfunded game/kickstarter game in history, Star Citizen. Star Citizen thrives on streamers and word of mouth to get the game spread through the interwebs. It is a open alpha game currently, same as this. When they release new patches they have it set up in a certain way which you currently are close to. They have their internal team, the first wave of testers (like your external QA team) 2nd wave of testers (mostly those who forked out the most money or has been apart of it the longest) and then the 3rd wave of testers (streamers and hardcore players) before releasing each patch to the public. Now the first wave is to make sure there are no game breaking bugs, and if they are what are they doing to break the game/system. Highest risk since it has the potential to brick a PC. And the first wave of public QA testers are the only ones that cant say anything. Once it hits the 2nd wave of public backer testing its wide open, because they use streamers and hardcore gamers to showcase what they are working on, improvements they are making, and stress testing the game/servers which just adds more fuel to the hype fire. The more people see a object become shinier and more fun to play with the more people say, that looks great I want to try it. Hell I backed this game from watching JackSepticEye play it on his youtube channel and thought hey this looks like a new Black and White meets Spore, you get to play god then colonize other planets THATS AWESOME!! I was hooked. Your public appearance is what draws people in, so allowing us to blab about it and show people look at this shiny new toy, or mechanic, or chaos. For a kickstarter game this is pretty crucial, because your public appearance and how people see you and your game development being open to them since they are funding your creation. Side edit, the pushing the discord for the main source of feedback and communication is lackluster to say the least. The biggest CF games use forums and "ON SITE" (website) chat to communicate. I get a lot of people are migrating to discord because the voice feature but that is a more public forum for communication and not a local one that can easily be overrun and misled by people who have yet to back the game, or even test/play it. Forums are hands down the best for people who really care about communicating with the dev team as well as other gamers sharing the same issues or thoughts. Also, moving the main announcements from the forums of updates and patch notes to discord and twitter shows us that you are caring less about what we think and say, even though we have been giving the most support. It shows you want to show off to the open public what you are adding, or what they think you should add before asking the people who have been providing feedback and communicating with your team the issues here, which can make it muddled, because people who have yet to play the game can say ohh that sounds cool I want to see that even if it doesn't fit or isn't necessary for the game. Just like currently I have some kind of issue with this game where I can't play the game for more that 15 minutes before the game crashes and resets my computer, which kills the stream and any kind of movement I had going to showcase it. And, this bug has been shrugged off on me like I was doing something wrong. This is a game ending bug for me that makes the game unplayable in its current state, and now I cant play it until your next release in August. It's terrible. I have been keenly invested in how this game progresses, putting input on broken AI, flawed systems, game ending bugs and crashes, and contributing to polls and questions presented in these forums.
  26. Who needs new information... All those informations will destroy suspense. And they want to keep the suspense and surprise for the Steam release and the rating system there. A NDA is needed for sure... And everyone willing to test the steam build before release should be sued to his bones if he or she breaks the NDA and destroy the suspense for the other players. It would be a shame to know something about changes and development progress in an crowdfunded game. sarcasm noun [ U ] UK /ˈsɑː.kæz.əm/ US /ˈsɑːr.kæz.əm/ the use of remarks that clearly mean the opposite of what they say, made in order to hurt someone's feelings or to criticize something in a humorous way: "You have been working hard," he said with heavy sarcasm, as he looked at the empty page.
  27. Oh, come on guys,really?! A waste of time this poll... Just stop talking about the game and keep on giving away prizes, for sure.
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