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  2. My run through in creator mode, I took my time, made sure all resources had 100 or more materials, placed one to two buildings at a time. Game still broke. At least we see it must be a bug.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Yeah it might be because of many building placed at once. Till modern age I had enough resources, but then everything starts upgrade to modern and I cant keep up so I build more mines + first factories that get researched. It went to extreme when i found out im trying to build factories that need glass when i didnt build glass factory. But the glass factory never started being built and I didnt want to demolish other in progress because I did gather all other materials which took so long. There should be some clear guide which tells you in what order to build them. And if there is one, clearly its not enough, because I didnt notice.
  5. Last week
  6. Medieval age

    Understood, now I just did the mission and I noticed the update to the medieval era. Thanks.
  7. Medieval age

    Do you mean light mission as in the Tesla quest? If so, that quest is just during the transition period between stone age and medieval. You start it by getting to the electricity perks in the tree.
  8. Medieval age

    Hi, is it normal to get to the light mission without having reached the Medieval era? But above all how is it achieved?
  9. No problem. As long as my post helps in some way. I’ll just wait for a few more updates before I play again. Let it get polished up a bit more.
  10. My best guess is there is some action you're performing every game that is breaking the nugget AI. That, or just after playing for so long, the AI starts to degrade. We're trying to figure it out, but I don't know what to tell you in the mean time
  11. Hunters don't carry the food

    Okay, was able to reproduce this inside a build, but not in our editor, which is very strange. Will send it to our AI guy
  12. Tesla Mission

    I've been trying to reproduce this, but I've been having issues. Has it only happened once?
  13. Hunters don't carry the food

    Yes, every time I load the saves
  14. Hunters don't carry the food

    And this continues to occur even immediately after you load your saves? Like if you load the saves you sent me earlier?
  15. Hunters don't carry the food

    Still the same, from all my saves, they hunt but the food baskets remain with the animal, but other nuggets collect the baskets, eventually I check their bags and they are not carrying food https://www.dropbox.com/s/3cd09pn5tqhf06w/universim5.sav?dl=0
  16. Nuggets colors?

    Yes, I believe there are only those two abnormal colors
  17. Hunters don't carry the food

    Hey etermes, Tried to repro this from your save, but when I observed all the hunters, they would hunt and properly picking up food. That's what the bags they carry are for. However, it's possible there is an issue where animal deaths are spawning food baskets, and that's what you're observing them leaving? Could you confirm that or no?
  18. Nuggets colors?

    Yes, the nuggets on the spaceboxes, there are other colors or there are only these two? Then they change color if they mate with each other, funny.
  19. Nuggets colors?

    I'm confused by your question. Do you mean from the spaceboxes? They have a limited palette. However, if you have the clone center, you can make far more colors however. Does that answer your question?
  20. Hospitals not working

    Was able to reproduce this in your game, but not in my own. Going to study this more. Thanks for the info.
  21. Nuggets colors?

    How many types of colors there are for nuggets? I found the blu, red and "normal now.
  22. i have that exact same issue in the transfer from stone to refined stage, nothing gets built, tried to restart and now my game just loads forever, have no idea why.
  23. @CTSengeUpgraded warehouses hold more resources, just as a heads up. I'm looking into this stuff, but have been coming up short in trying to reproduce the issue. Anytime I've had this occur, it's entirely been because I placed many buildings at once, and the nugget AI seems to get confused about what to prioritize. I'll talk to the AI engineer about if there's anything that can be done, but in the mean time the best way to avoid it is to place only one or two buildings at a time.
  24. Can't click off the fishing pier

    Yeah this seems like something caused by an NRE, which is more likely to happen the longer you play. If it happens again, update this topic and I'll look into it again
  25. I have more that 100 total units without problem
  26. the issue ( i think) is that the warehouses only hold 100 total items....which is ridiculous.
  27. Steam key

    They are fixing the problem for me, thanks a lot, you can close the topic. Thanks.
  28. Steam key

    Hi @JackSkeletron Your key for the crytivo launcher will also be your steam key. on steam go to Games> Activate A Product On Steam..> enter the key and it should activate your steam copy. If this does not work, please contact our support team through the help chat on Crytivo.com to get the key issue resolved!
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