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  2. Audio Glitch in most sounds

    Is it possible this was related to the space boxes? Had you recently opened or moved one to your epicenter? They create a low grinding rumble sound
  3. The universim Soundtrack

    Awesome just downloaded it and had a listen, there is so much good music in there but my favorite track of all still has to be Magic, because that was the first track I heard when I saw Universim for the first time and it just etched itself on my brain lol. Shout out to your narrator as well, his lines are so funny they crack me up and he really does remind me of Morgan Freeman who we all know of course is God
  4. I will give that try when I am fresh. It's in the late in the evening now will try keep that in mind next time I play! Around Wednesday I should give that a try. In few days I be good again to play! It takes more then 5+ hours to reach end game! Peace for now!
  5. Cool :-) The second image clearly shows the problem I describe. If you can remove with tk the herbs/food the building should progress.
  6. I couldn't load your pics but this sounds like the problem I tried to report in another thread. I think I have a better idea of what's happening now. In the early game, when you have plenty of workers and you place a building on a resource (stone/wood/food) hordes of site clearers form a snake-like chain removing all the resources ready for delivery of the required resources and pre-building starts as soon as they arrive. All good. I believe the trigger to the problem is when iron is required. Two conditions have to be met: the building requires iron AND the building is placed over a resource. The building will collect all the other resources (stone/wood/glass/cement) but not iron. The building won't pre-build. Large numbers of nugs collect outside the building. They seem to be a mix of supporters, delivery guys (iron?) and pre-builders (maybe?). There are two ways to fix the problem. If you are lucky enough to be able to tk the obstacle out of the building site, the building will instantly pre-build, iron will arrive shortly and the construction will complete as usual. Because of the mouse-over effect it may be impossible to grab the obstacle, in which case your only choice is to demolish the building, remove the obstacle with tk then place it again. Or just move it to somewhere without obstacles. Can anyone verify this process ? I have some pics from the previous release but I can provide new examples if it helps.
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  8. The universim Soundtrack

    Thank you for your trust and your kick words. They help us a lot and keep the spirit of the team high. Please, double check all those soundtracks on Crytivo. We updated them all. You should have all the soundtracks that we have in the game there. Sincerely, Sasha
  9. Audio Glitch in most sounds

    On the newest version, V33, I noticed an odd glitch in the audio. All sounds for everything except wind sounded like distant grinding rocks or a growling wolf in the distance just a bit more robotic. Just trying to help the game out, I think it is turning out great. I figured out that it can be fixed by switching audio and back but I thought I would let you know, sadly I didn't get a recording of it. Me trying to record the sound fixed it haha. Well, I hope this helps some, keep up the amazing work.
  10. Title: Supporters and Builders not using Require Resources first. Build version: v0.33 final Severity on a scale of 1-5: 4 Description: There at times where constructors will or would start building before bringing any required resources, like any buildings supporters should come first to drop off the required resources iron, glass, concrete to able build the building seams the required resources and supporters are some what broken. That was on the Steel Factory. Reproduction: For the Chemical Factory it did the same thing the Constructors Workers came first before the supporters workers or required resources workers. The constructors crew came first and start building those buildings right away. It has been happening since v32 I try so hard to reproduce on the last version and on this build v33. Not sure if this normal or not I have link to my save any other users or developers can help me out! You might want to catch this when rebuilding your v34 on path finding too fix the supporter and required resources game in-game issue! Of course I saw some loc_. Picture #1 Picture #2 Download link to Save = https://www.dropbox.com/s/so30na30y8lnv9a/theuniversim-gamewiner87.zip?dl=0
  11. Hunter huts stoped working

    Ah your wording just confused me when you said "save and reload not working" I was able to load your file and observe what you're talking about though. I've sent it to the our AI engineer, so we'll see what he thinks.
  12. Buildings falling apart

    Me too. It’s a problem. That’s how I am with Sims too. Lol Ok, I’ll let this die now. Haha
  13. Buildings falling apart

    No need, nothing wrong with what you have and you have time to fix it all, ready for Industrial. But it's up to you of course. I personally like starting new games.
  14. Buildings falling apart

    I never thought having too many wells or engineers could actually not be beneficial. Lol Thanks. I’ll probably just start a whole new game. For the 50th time. 👍🏽
  15. Buildings falling apart

    Ok, a few things to get you going. Destroy the lumber mill and put it in the trees near the wood refineries. Upgrade the farms first, turn shifts on for them and keep them staffed manually (you have a food shortage and nugs won't date on empty stomachs apparently). You have too many engineers! Remove as many as needed to still provide coverage. That will free up educated labor. You also have too many wells which will be costly to upgrade later. I took the liberty of running your game for a while and once the food levels came up, a lot more dating happened and pop is now over 200 with all upgrades done. After all that, wait for the rest of the houses to upgrade and while that's happening keep building your refined wood, stone and iron. This is sounding like Tips and Tricks Part 2 :-) Glad it's helping anyway :-)
  16. Buildings falling apart

    Yea I’ve done all of that and stocked up on CPs so when things get bad I can cover it. for the longest time I didn’t realize that lake was emptied, so I would usually refill it with some rain. I was planting trees by the lumber mill too but my nuggets were too lazy to work at it. Well I guess its good there aren’t any bugs that you can see. I must have just messed up somewhere. Is there any order I should try to progress? Someone told me that they make sure for every number of eateries they have they have a farm and a fishing hut. It’s worked pretty well so far. Thank you!
  17. Buildings falling apart

    Hi Socks, I loaded your game ok, well done. It actually looks pretty good to me! There are a few small problems - the small lake is down to 1% of water so you should turn off all the water pumps there and it will recover slowly. The other lake has plenty. You don't quite have full fire coverage and (as I found always happens) soon after I loaded the game, a building caught fire in the area not covered. Resources are good, food is ok, stone huts are being replaced with tudor houses as resources/labor is available. A time to be patient, you should start seeing increased population soon. You can start to upgrade those building that can be (warehouse, reservoir, farm). I don't know how the dating works - the previous version had problems where nuggets wouldn't date for long periods. To me, this version is much improved and I haven't had to force dating (yet). My theory is that when there is a labor shortage (usually after an era or building upgrade), they get too tired to... date. Or maybe it's just a random thing to keep pops from growing too fast. Anyway, I've found pops will go up and down +/- 50 or even 100 for no apparent reason. Be patient and they will usually recover on their own. If nugs are hanging around warehouses, they are waiting for resources that aren't there. That's normal if you don't have enough for the current round of upgrades. You can calculate exactly what you need. For example, you have 6 warehouses, each requires 5 refined wood, 5 refined stone and 2 iron. So that's 30 wood, 30 stone and 12 iron. You have plenty of iron and stone, but are low on wood. Your lumber mill is empty but you have 1000 CPs. Use your CPs to create instant forest in the lumber mill and things will start moving along :-)
  18. Buildings falling apart

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0wpubiourd1facq/buggy.sav?dl=0 I've never created a link before, so let me know if it works or not. So, I got lucky and got a mystery box that fixed all my buildings up 60%. So that saved me there. But then I ran into issues where upgrading into the medieval era my nuggets stopped working and started to group up at the warehouses and not move and everyone started to starve. I had couriers, i only used shifts on buildings i thought needed to constantly be running, i upgraded important buildings first, but that still didn't seem to make a difference. I slowed down progress again to make sure food and water were in stock and to give nuggets a chance to reproduce. However, almost every single nugget was single. They weren't dating. I'm starting to think I'm not meant to get to the modern era. I had up to 270 and then by the time i got frustrated and quit i had 160. Hopefully this file can be used to fix these other bugs. Let me know if I need to make it a bug post by itself.
  19. Buildings falling apart

    Shifts shouldn't be a problem here, but when shifts are researched, they are enabled by default. My advice is to turn shifts off as soon as they are researched, then turn them on only if needed until your population can grow to cope with the labor demand. If engineers aren't getting to all your buildings, maybe you don't have enough engineers. I think we'd need to see a save game. You say the engineers appear to be doing their job, but are just not keeping up. Pre-tudor this is very surprising. I have seen my buildings fall apart but only when the population drops to very low levels and the "professions" get assigned to lower-level tasks. Another potential problem to look at in this area is schools - if nugs are auto-assigned, the system will only assign educated workers to those occupations that prefer educated workers (engineers is one of them). You can override this by manually assigning uneducated nugs (however, they do tend to get injured more!). To get a handle on what's happening, follow an engineer around to see what they do. Maybe they're hungry, maybe they're tired, maybe they're sick or injured (educated nugs seem to spend most of their lives in the hospital lol). If you're pre-tudor, maybe it would be easiest to start again and keep a close eye on your engineers - they are one of the first services you get and they're easy to manage thanks to the big green circle that shows their coverage. If you can put a save file somewhere like dropbox that would help, although from your screenshots, it looks like it may be too late to save this particular civ!
  20. Buildings falling apart

    Yea I was progressing still just didn’t go into the medieval era too quickly. But I’ll try not using shifts on them.
  21. Buildings falling apart

    I never saw that, and I never use shifts with engineers, they are efficients, you only need cover all the ground with their engineer huts, usually condition worst value is 70 engineering will provide engineer hut updgrade, space for three nuggets, worth to try to progress on the research tree
  22. Hunter huts stoped working

    I demolished all the hunter huts, then I built one, three nuggets manual assigned and they are hunting again https://www.dropbox.com/s/bd8d641lxw1un0q/universim2.sav?dl=0
  23. Thanks! I definitely need tips and tricks. This game is frustrating the heck out of me.
  24. All my buildings are falling apart at the same time. Is there a reason they do this? Is it trying to tell me it’s time to upgrade to the next era? I’m still in the first stage, trying to progress slowly. I have plenty of engineers. And it seems like they’re doing their job. And it’s all AT THE SAME TIME. I’m making such good progress. 😭
  25. Continually coming across this issue, would be great if we could manipulate the time of day (we are god after all). That way we could select if we want it to be night or day and as a result maybe even gain a few followers from it
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