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  2. Buildings falling apart

    Sorry for the late reply. And no I never use my town hall. Maybe I’ll try it.
  3. Feedback and suggestions

    I'm playing the version alpha and I would like to suggest that you set production options on the information panel of each building. Or those commands that are on the building table and allow you to choose Auto Assignment and the number of assigned. I ask you this because I have noticed that often I update the buildings, too many people are employed in that building. Practical example: I have a building block with 4 buildings in the control area, I don't need 6 people, 2 or even 1 are enough for the buildings around. And I find 5 uselessly used people who could serve me as generic workers. So I find myself manually changing the number of employees in each building and therefore I also have to deactivate the automatic assignment. That is why sometimes it would be more convenient for me to have the controls on the single building, because with 36 pages of buildings, as soon as I change an option in the number of employees, they move from page to page and mess up my view. I can't filter only for buildings with employees inside. And anyway they would move to a page anyway. It would also be nice to have the Auto command assigned to the number limited by myself. Example: 6-seat building. cars assigned only 3. instead of cars assigned all 6. It is a real questioen of practicality. I forgot, even the search by name of the building could be convenient, since I rename them to remember their position by jennychan
  4. Hi there, I just started playing 2 days ago. Ive gotten towards the end of the game, however, once I try and build a cement mine, no iron is getting delivered at all. Everything else is delivered fine, except iron. I have tried building the cement factory in various places but nothing works, does anyone else has this issue? Can someone help me out with this please. EDIT: Nevermind, it took an hour for the iron to get delivered but it finally worked, either way can someone give me a heads up as to why it takes this long?
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  6. Grad Students

    If I hover over the nuggets that are studying at the university, I see them doing stuff like "Hunting", "Going to mine stone", "Repairing a building" instead of actually studying... If the nuggets are doing all kinds of other stuff than actually studying, then no wonder it is taking so long to give them an education! Whether this is a bug or working as intended, I do not know, but I would think that when they went to school and university, they should focus all of their efforts on that until they finish training and free their spot for others to take. To achieve this, I would suggest implementing a few simple rules: 1) Only labourers are autoassigned to study. If they are assigned to a building, I would prefer that they actually stay with that building and doing the stuff they are supposed to do that is connected to that building. At the same time, I would need an indication in the nugget list, that these nuggets are no longer labourers, but they are now students, so you don't accidentally assign them to do other stuff. And if there are no more uneducated labourers, then unassign one from a building and replace them with another nugget, and then send them to study. The important point here is that when they are studying, they do not have other priorities at the same time. 2) Only nuggets that actually has a school education would attend university. Just like in real life, you would need some level of training before you can attend the university. 3) If you have an unemployed nugget with an education, then they will be autoassigned to buildings that require educated nuggets to function optimally, automatically replacing the uneducated nuggets. This way you will not have uneducated nuggets releasing plagues or starting fires while you have farmers with university degrees wasting their education. Implementing these points would reduce the amount of micromanagement that you currently have to put into the game to have everything working as well as they can, freeing up the creators to actually do the stuff that is fun :-)
  7. Nuggets Refuse to build/upgrade buildings

    Hi there, I recently bought this game. Im enjoying it a lot, and decided to leave almost everyone as labour and then get them into jobs when I had around 140 population. The only problem is, for some reason, no matter where I place the cemetery, they refuse to build it. They have also refused to build any mines. Also, even though they were starving at one point, they refused to build a restaurant as well too. Could you please look into this, I dont see why they are refusing to work, a cemetery should be a necessity so I dont see why they refuse to support and build one. I also dont get why they were picky when starving and refusing to build the restaurant. One more thing, I have plenty of reservoirs, however, they are refusing to build any more wells. They did upgrade the reservoirs but they are refusing to upgrade literally anything else. I dont see how theyve gotten so lazy, or is this maybe a bug or something ...?
  8. graphic issue iMac

    i get this on my mac too, all the time, back over a year to previous earlier versions. Black squares where dead nuggets lie. You can teleport them away and dump them on high into lakes, then the black squares shrink away. I like to feed the dead to the whales.
  9. Modernization

    Agreed, too many new house builds popping up everywhere draining all the resources, I want to be able to control new build activity. And the new patch - into modern era, there's a fire every minute I have to now spend the entire time looking for clouds and smoke plumes to shove a raincloud over them or lose vast areas of the city in flames - and I have quite a lot of fire stations spread around - I d have even more if i could stop the auto-house building using up all my cement and glass.
  10. Useful things to have

    I second tags for nuggets and buildings, specially useful for some of my clone nuggets
  11. I have a few suggestions that I would personally find useful for my own hobby purposes that I found cool. Better Nugget Statistics The nugget statistics are already phenomenal, you can see the age of the nugget along with their occupation and names. Their last names are also passed on and that's really cool. This is the stem of my interest. I want to be able to keep track of a certain family following a lineage, having the first born son pass on the surname to his children. However, I find this very difficult to keep track of due to the statistics already shown. 1. What would help me is being able to see the parents of a nugget on their profile when you click on them, since I'll be able to see if the child has a different mother than another sibling. 2. I'd like to be notified of a death of a nugget which has been assigned a tag symbol, since nuggets assigned with a tag symbol are seen to be "important". Following this line, I'd like to also be notified of a birth of a nugget whose father or mother has a tag symbol. 3. I'd like to see at least the age of a nugget on their profile (when you click on a nugget off the street and it pops up a profile). I'd like to be able to see the parents of the nugget here, also. 4. I'd like to be able to see a list of children as well. Since for the time being you can only see the list of adults (This is near the bottom of my wish-list so I wouldn't mind this not happening). 5. I'd also like to possibly be able to see past spouses of a given nugget, since some nuggets can move on to a second or third spouse within their lifetime. Especially when using le cupidon. Building List Another suggestion is that I'd like to be able to search for a specific building in the list of buildings. Since you can rename a building, it'd be helpful to be able to search for it. Maybe even be able to see the age of the building or the (original) establishment year. Thank you for taking the time to read this post :), I know it's a lot.
  12. I use invert mouse in all my games. In the controls, if you try to remap CAMERA LOOK UP to mouse down and CAMERA LOOK DOWN to mouse up, it doesn't work. The instructions say to "move an axis" and after moving the mouse, nothing is registered. Playing this game without being able to invert the Y-axis makes me dizzy. Please fix the ability to remap the mouse axis controls.
  13. v35 - Extraterrestrial build

    #1 true, but not a real problem for me, right now #2 this is a serious problem, I have lost many important nuggets this way, as soon as a fire starts for example (no matter the distance) all my nuggets go for shelter, some of them remain inside even when the danger is over, I can't use my God powers to take them out, even demolishing the bunker they don't move and they die without food and water, again my God powers are useless to save them Verify with the save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vnhxqydyzepifn9/universim6.sav?dl=0 Finally I reduced to 6 modern bunkers and they are working properly right now, but I have 800 nuggets and growing fast Bunkers working: https://www.dropbox.com/s/czrtzcq1a8rc8fb/universim7.sav?dl=0 #3 it happens occasionally, a minor but irritating problem #4 true, and meteors have less incidence, so it's difficult to get all the landmarks, solution: pause the game as soon as you hear the assigned sound for UFOs and seek the UFO, then strike #5 I don't now if that is a bug, in real life you find different housing quality in the cities, think in "Favelas" , but it would be easier for space optimization in "space era"
  14. v35 - Extraterrestrial build

    #6 - I'm not always alerted to when Elections are being held.
  15. I know it is the experimental build, but I figured I would get these bugs reported early on, as a couple of them are quite serious. #1 - Paths have ceased to be built. The original paths that were being built for the first 400 years of my society have remained, but new paths and roads have simply not been built. It's hard, for someone like me who wants to build a well structured society based on road location, to do so when there are no roads. #2 - Nuggets seem to get stuck in Bunkers now. They'll stay there until they die, which is obviously a problem, lol #3 - If I've placed a new building down to be built, construction will not complete until I've manually removed Stones, Trees and Bushes from within the zone. The nuggets will not go in and remove them themselves. #4 - UFO leave as soon as they arrive, making striking them down with lightning extremely difficult. #5 - Nuggets are still not replacing Stone Huts with Tudor or Modern housing.
  16. Construction not occurring SEV3

    Or you use a lightning , eventually they will build it anywhere else
  17. Construction not occurring SEV3

    I reported this, oh, 3 releases ago? Sad to see it's still there. Workaround is to manually remove the assets (trees/rocks/plants) from the site using TK. The building will then get built. It's a very annoying bug, easy to reproduce. Buildings will also sometimes not build if they're placed too close to an edge (lake/mountain).
  18. Title: No new building construction. Build version: Playing on version V. Severity on a scale of 1-5: SEV3 Description: Construction not occurring on several buildings including ones that have all resources complete. Schools not receiving any resources either to begin construction despite having many many supporters. Saw issue with oil not being produced as well. Reproduction: When the game was restarted (after saving and confirming save was present) it reverted back to a save from 3 hours ago and therefore am unable to reproduce yet. Save file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Km-9Jshxws3-PbEhastE01csY3nVshoe?usp=sharing
  19. What's the point of "End game" Devs?

    Well with the lack of comments on this thread, not even one from an admin, and the well seemingly "dead" forums anyway I had to give a negative review. I wish I could of given it a mixed review, as I don't think it should be fully negative, but stupid steam voting limitations I had too. There's too many questionable things for end game, and far too lack luster of mechanics early on to justify the game mechanics. I really do hope I can switch this to positive on release though.
  20. Feedback and suggestions

    Hi there! First of all: great first impression of the game! I've been waiting for a good God game and this has been a very satisfying experience so far. I can't wait to see what the finished product will be like. Here is my current feedback: Creator Powers (general) I've been having some trouble navigating the Creator powers. Sometimes I think I've activated one but then I really haven't or I've activated the wrong one by mistake. It would be super helpful that once you activate a Creator power the symbol for that Creator power shows up on the screen so you know which Creator power is active. Also, it would be great if you didn't have to reactive a power every time you want to use it - for example, when you're trying to collect/move multiple items with the Telekinesis power. Instead, couldn't you activate it and then deactivate it once you're done using it? Creator Power: Le Cupidon I find using Le Cupidon a bit tedious, especially when you have more than six Nuggets and are trying to find one that doesn't have a partner yet. Instead of connecting two Nuggets that are running around in the village it would be easier if connections could be made through some sort of menu (that lists whether a Nugget is partnered up or not and what their character trait is - that way you can influence future generations' character traits more easily). Nugget List Panel When you call up the list of all your Nuggets, it'd be great if the character traits had explanatory texts when you hover over them. That way you don't have to click on a Nugget with that specific trait to see what it is about. Tasks/Prays I noticed that I sometimes found myself wanting more frequent tasks/prays to work on to give myself more to do during times of game play that are slower because you're waiting for something to develop or be built etc. Building List Panel When you call up the list of all your buildings and want to filter for certain building types the check and x mark are a bit misleading - I found myself trying to use it to confirm or unconfirm my choices, not to select or deselect all. This kept happening to me and I would always have to redo it. Also, it would be helpful if you could close a filter menu by clicking anywhere on the screen instead of having to click directly on the filter category. Archive (saving the game) The floppy disk buttons are misleading. Once, I wanted to save my game and figured the green floppy disk button would save my current game under a previously given name. Instead it took me back to my previously saved game and I lost half an hour of game play. News Archive If you cannot respond to a news bubble quick enough and use the NAME link it contains to take you to the person/place/building/object, it would be great if you could use the News Archive to do so. At the moment the News Archive does not allow you to click on the NAME to take you to the origin of the news bubble. Red/Green Circle Rating System The rating system can be misleading. When I looked at my happiness and crime level stats I couldn't quite figure out whether the rating system meant that the building was having a positive/negative influence on the general happiness/crime level or whether the happiness/crime level was good/bad for that particular building. Creator Points I found myself wishing for more ways to influence my Creator Points production, so in other words more ways to make my Nuggets love or fear me. In general, I find it more rewarding to be a benevolent Creator because you don't have to actively go and sacrifice Nuggets to get Creator Points. As a benevolent Creator it's easier to sit back, relax and focus on building and growing while the CPs come in passively. I think there needs to be more of a balanced incentive to also try being a fear-inspiring Creator. Also, it's hard to change course. When I was trying out my Creator Powers I accidentally made my Nuggets fear me and it took forever to get back into their good graces and thus more CPs. That's it for now. I hope this is helpful. I look forward to seeing this game develop
  21. Savegame Error

    Savegames with more than 300 Nuggets is just loading forever. So the game doesn't start. V0.0.35.25396 Files (Savegame + DxDiag) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aogtal0ti54hf5s/AADUtuA9ur6MisaYG8OfM2e1a?dl=0
  22. Creating Quickplay Guide for Universim

    These strategies are for v0.34 (flat world or cheese ball) End-game building construction: during new building construction, there is a bug where if the blueprint has trees or stones upon its foundation, iron won't be deposited, even if over 50 laborers are available. While normally nuggets will remove trees or stone in the way of a foundation, the bug is that a scaffolding animation, which usually occurs in response to resource deposition, will ensue, in essence making cutting down trees or mining stone inaccessible to the nuggets. In other words, nuggets will deposit initial resources such as refined wood or refined stone, but be unable to deposit other more advanced resources after the scaffolding animation ensues. A hint that this bug is occurring is that there will be an enormous amount of supporters without any real construction going on. Each support will show up to the construction site and, after a small amount of time, simply leave. Use telekinesis to remove all trees/rocks from the construction zone, and the building will erect. You may need to change the angle of your camera to view otherwise hidden rocks. Currently, it is unclear whether the bug is related to the need for iron or if iron just so happens to be the last resource deposited, the latter case being that iron won't deposit simply because it is typically one of the more advanced resources that isn't deposited first; usually, wood and stone are, leading to the scaffolding animation sequence. End-game housing: Whether a nugget uses a vehicle or travels by foot seems to be related to their place of residence. So, demolish tudor houses and stone huts after you reach industrialization so that nuggets will erect modern housing and, therefore, use motor vehicles for transport instead of walking. End-game power: windmill energy is unsustainable later in the game owing to lack of larger turbines and larger batteries. In general, there are protracted periods of no winds or the occasional wind storm. Wind storms overwhelm the windmills, making them unable to generate power. What's more, there seems to be a bug that, even after the windstorm recedes, the windmills still fail to generate electricity. This bug can be resolved by saving and reloading your game after the windstorm ends. Choose a different energy pathway, and be sure to balance any sadness or pollution appropriately (ie, with cosmetic buildings or using forestry god power).
  23. Bug?

    Not sure if this is a bug, but there are a plethora of supporters, bountiful resources, and yet nothing is being dropped to support construction of this building? Also, if this is a bug and someone has already pointed it out, I apologize for double-posting and not searching the forums ahead of time ..
  24. Hunters don't carry the food

    My game is also doing this. All of my hunters will run away as soon as they kill something, they only stop to eat the raw food while they work.
  25. Reserviors

    I'm going to throw this in here and not the bugs section because there is a very real possibility that I'm just being stupid and not understanding how these things work. Can we please get better descriptions or directions? Whenever I put in a second reservoir, it refuses to acknowledge my water pumps and sits empty. Does the first one need to be at 100% first? And if so, can we change it to have them both fill up at the same time? It's frustrating to have to use mt creator points to fill them with rain every winter, only for them to sit empty once the pumps start working again in the spring.
  26. The Boxes are Lies

    As the title said, every time I open a box from space, it will tell me one thing in the notifications, but I will very rarely (read almost never) actually get anything it said was inside it. I've taken several screenshots of the latest box as an example and am willing to open another one and take more pictures if it means this can get fixed. I took the screenshots on steam and I am having unforeseen difficulties attaching the pictures. Edit: started a new game and the boxes are still lies. It said I was blessed with 200 Creator points and it took them all away.
  27. Throwing my two cents in

    So I've been playing for a while now, and there are a few things that I feel would help overall gameplay. First, I'd like to be able to place huts myself, to be able to make neighborhoods and to stop my nuggets from building them miles away from every service I've given them. And while I'm talking about houses, I feel as though it would be immensely helpful if our nuggets could move\trade houses with other nuggets automatically to move them closer to where they work (much like in Banished). Second, PLEASE let us put markers down to find things more quickly. I realize the other tribes don't actually do much (if anything at all) but I personally find it to be immeasurably frustrating when I can never find them after the first notification. Speaking of our neighbors and notifications, is there any plan to make either more useful? The notifications are always out of order, and (I at least) can't click on any of the blue words unless they're in the small pop-up on the bottom. The trade notification also seems wonky. It will pop up saying so and so wants to trade, and it will show me a picture of a set number of one resource for a different resource. Then, when I click on the pink wing at the bottom, both sides are empty and when I try to make the trade look like the notification, the other tribe's meter is all the way at the bottom(near the thumbs down). Am I missing something? I would also appreciate a way to prioritize upgrades the same way we can with buildings, so my nuggets will stop building the engineering hut upgrade before the water pump as they all run out of water. That was fun. (5th now?) Wood and stone refinement could be sped up a little, as I can have a surplus of both raw materials and 2-5 refined. It slows down the upgrade and building process so much. As a side note, I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but maybe you guys could actually give us everything we're actually supposed to get from the meteor boxes? I opened one and the notifications told me I received a Nugget, 30 refined wood and 50 herbs, but when I looked, I had 10 refined wood, no herbs, and a new notification telling me I'd killed a Nugget (which I didn't, this all happened at the same time). And to wrap it all up, since I haven't seen this brought up before, but would any of you consider changing the notification sound? The school bells sound just like it and it's distracting, but not absolutely necessary obviously.
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