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  2. 4 Issues

    Hey Rak, I couldn't reproduce a few of these things, like the telekinesis being more tempermental, or the nugget assignment panel moving around and not always being in the middle. The nugget hover panel is an issue that I've reported and will be fixed at some point. The LOC is also just a translation issue, and will be fixed as well.
  3. Cupidon park never builds

    Cupidon park requires refined resources. If you hover over the wood and stone, you'll notice the tooltip and icon are different than on other buildings. You unlock refineries pretty early on in the game, but it is an issue that you can unlock cupidon first.
  4. I'm getting attacked, nothing I can do?

    It looks like the reason telekinesis didn't work is because you have no creator points available (top left). There are a number of ways to protect your village, including your powers, guard towers, and other armed nuggets (Hunters and later on, police enforcers). Being attacked when you don't have any of those available is unfortunate luck But, we encourage people to play multiple runs and learn more about the games mechanics so as to better prepare for the unknown in the future. Also, you'll lose no respect if you just go back to an earlier save file
  5. Grad Students

    @Freeside while your complaints are noted and entirely valid, getting a civ to 600 is definitely high population end game right now. While we hope to improve that in the future, there are many many people who struggle to get above 150. To explain a handful of your complaints, the couriers are likely (Emphasis on likely) given their transportation requests when either the closer warehouses are full, or they're near full and the rest of the space is being allocated to other nugget's transportation requests, who just haven't arrived yet. I'll look into it to make sure everything is operating smoothly though. The metal walls of the modern buildings should not stop the pathfinding of the nuggets to clear an area. If that's happening, something else is going on. As for the limits, there are no hard limits on population, but certain natural and systemic factors will decrease the growth of your civilization, such as travel distance in your resource chain. This is something we'll alleviate in the future however with new features.
  6. achievement cant be unlocked

    Hi i'm not so sure where to put it but i'm sure it's bugs why 1000th customer still cant be unlocked? i already keep trying restart my game over and over again but somehow this achievement cant be unlocked.. and yes my eatery never get upgrade i just build 4 farm 4 fishing pier and 3 eatery and at least 100-200 nugget on it and left it and back every 40min (since get paused due election thing).. Ty please help
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  8. Ambiguous: AI pathing issues - 3

    Figured I'd check output_log, and its 100k+ lines of "Path Failed NuggetFemale/MaleBaked(Clone)" Doubt it has a mayor impact, but there's no timestamps so don't know the frequency. Guess I'll swap to main branch for now.
  9. I've placed cupidon park twice now - it never starts to build. Even if I use telekinesis to grab a tree and drop it on the construction site, it accepts the resource, but the number of timber stays 0/15. No nuggets attend the construction site or bring resources. I can provide save.
  10. Creating Quickplay Guide for Universim

    Save your CP in early game focusing it reproduction and setting your resources (food,water, and building materials). Once around 25 pop they will take care of themselves. Keep building up your supply lines especially food and water build well ahead of what you need, this will save you later when your population booms a bit later on. I recommend building a block 4X4 of water reservoir this enough storage to keep you going for a while and if you ever run out of storage you use a rain cloud to fill up the 4X4 water storage. During this point you should be saving cp using sparingly to help keep you nugs alive or keep faith as close to 50 (and happy)as possible. 50 believers is enough to build cp decently fast. You can ignore the basic requests for healing as they wont help you all that much except to make your nugs love you more increasing the rate you gain cp (check temple). As you start spreading out it becomes cleaner to build a guard tower and engineers hut together. Make sure to build you restaurants, wells, schools and hospitals through out your civ for faster response to needs and to have storage for resources you cant produce in other areas. Once you have built a forestry you want to start focusing on using your cp to maintain resources like your lakes and wood. You can grow trees in the forestry area to increase the production rate of the building ( dont have to wait for trees to grow ) After that you are set to continue expanding rather steady with little stress other than trying to maintain food and water across expansive empire that seemed to sprout out of nowhere. Try to avoid using the TownHall unless you have way more nugs than jobs. Keep this up all the way to the modern age and start spreading out your reserves for food water and power around so that you cant loos all your supplies in a disaster Warning: Once you get to a population around 50 your population will explode and begin a cycle of booming they dying out a bit always have way more then you need. Be Ready to jump from 50 to 200+ in a matter of minutes. If you stay close to this strat it is very easy to maintain max cp, about half the population believing and loving you, good relations with neighbors and end a steady growing population Note you made need to help jump start your population if ever hit a wall the halts your momentum. Im sure I missed a lot but this how tend play the regular mode and can build a population of around 500 in around 10hrs I think maybe more maybe less. let me know if anyone has any problems or questions.
  11. This is my first time playing the game... I'm 2h in, and I've just been attacked by some 4 raiders (nuggets from other clan?) The game is showing me a prompt: "We're under attack, Gifhorn are raiding the village! Protect your civilization be" it cuts out at "be". WHen I click the prompt, nothing happens... I'm watching as the raiders destroy 2h of my work and there is nothing I can do.. at least the game is failing to tell me what I'm supposed to do. I tried telekinesis on the raiders, but that didn't work. I can't defend myself, the (?) help menu doesn't have a peep about this situation. Is my game over because of RNG?
  12. Grad Students

    I'm sure it's really bad form to reply to my own first post, sorry. I have uploaded some annotated screen captures along with all the saves from my current attempt at this game to dropbox. The saves are roughly every 100 years. The save names are self explanatory, ignore 'su7', 'w' means Wind power, 'pNNN' population, 'yYYY' year. Saves get very big so download at your own risk. The Captures folder has a few screenshots, I'll add more as I go along (only just discovered how to do this, duh). Steam says I've played 226 hours, eek. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qurv1relemjdub6/AABkpogFeTV3VBK1_HgQ41PQa?dl=0
  13. Last week
  14. Grad Students

    Ditto, the education system is fairly broken. As is farming. I get endless messages about crops withering, being neglected etc. Clicking on farms, I frequently get messages that there is no farmer, but there are at least 2 or 3 clearly farming. Plagues of Herbs filling up the warehouses, plagues of hospitals and watchtowers if I'm silly enough to assign nuggets to those government roles. Many visual bugs such as nuggets walking through water, through buildings and failing to negotiate inclines. Buildings melding onto each other. Modern buildings which won't build because they have resources (stone/wood/food) inside their metal walls stopping the nugs that clear sites getting in. Oh, and resources management in general needs some work - as others have noted, the carrier nugs waste a lot of time taking long routes to places they shouldn't even go. I've seen them taking food from a farm to a warehouse the other side of town even when there is plenty of closer warehouse space available. I would rather see these things improved than have to deal with meteors destroying my hard work ;-) I have been unable to maintain a population much above 600. There has been no expansion for centuries. Is there a built-in limit, either to their geographic expansion, or the total population? Tried to upload some screenshots, but "Upload Failed" even though I reduced their size to fit the 3.6Mb limit.
  15. This was fully prepared. This looks like we'll have to start from scratch. I have no hesitation saying this with reference to Oxymasque. As you can see now, some of them have been excellent. This is a major priority. That works for beginners or veterans. I feel like a broken record. Should we care? Truly, I do promote doing that with Oxymasque because I suspect that will be easy to pull off. To be or not to be, this is the question pros have referring to Oxymasque. That is it in a nutshell. This is how Oxymasque keeps up with the competition. This blog doesn't demonstrate this sort of authority in Oxymasque matters. Every bird loves to hear himself sing and I'm no exception when it comes to Oxymasque. That's perhaps the worst kept secret in regard to Oxymasque. I'm done. Am I your entertainment for tonight? This essay is going to try to get you back on track if you've lost your way somewhat. I guess I'm going to come up short. There are a lot of adolescents who keep under the radar. Sometimes Oxymasque just isn't worth the effort. The ability to do this is underrated. Knock it off! Nevertheless, I try not to do it with Oxymasque. Inevitably, all that can change for me too.
  16. 4 Issues

    There is an issue when using Telekinesis to transport and drop off a supply for faster build. The Green circle used to show the area for drop off is not appearing as well as it use to. I am having to zoom in and out and reangle in an attempt for it to appear and even then if you move a millimeter or sometimes on its own, it will just disappear. Then of course when it suddenly disappears, the item drops and isn't counted, so wasted God Power points. I am getting a weird message for Nuggets in a few job positions like the Small Kinetic Job. It shows LOC_"NuggetJob/KINETIC_SMALL", which I assume is some actual program language, to perhaps reassure the Nugget is going to the proper job location? When I click on the button to add a worker to a building (any building) the screen to select from among the population, at first is popping up all over the place randomly, instead of in the center of the screen. (Quite Annoying) Added: When hovering over a Nugget while selecting their place of employment, while they are currently at work to see their information. It is only flashing on the screen for 1/2 sec repeatedly. Quite (Frustrating). I am sure none of this is anything serious you will race to fix and I understand you probably have bigger things to attend to, but I thought I would bring up these super annoying little disturbances. lol Thanks "Enjoying the Game"!
  17. Lighthouse

    I'm currently only in stone era, decided to build a lighthouse...
  18. Grad Students

    I started a new game and paid a bit more attention, so far. I have had 2 Universities for at least 2+ Hours and I still haven't had one Graduate so far. Not even a 90-year-old. HaHa
  19. Enemy Priests

    Maybe add a priest job like an inquisitor to passively find and sacrifice them
  20. Grad Students

    Same thing happened with my playthrough. I managed to have three university grads, only to have one die on me seconds later. Both my profs were the university grads too, didn't help much.
  21. Influence war

    I approve of this post.
  22. Grad Students

    Yes, I make sure they stay full consistently. I even switch them to grad students for an attempt to push them out faster, when feasible. However, as I said, I am lucky to have a standard 2 grad students available at a time. Yet, they do not last but a few terms it seems, due to the 90-year-old age upon graduation lol. Literally, 75% of the students are in their 70's to 90's and it seems there is nothing I can do to change that. It is just such a SLOW turnaround. It seems quite a waste of time and resources really. As I stated, I have about 7 universities right now which means I am losing 28 manpower and high school grads at that. Which is harsh on me because I am already pulling the educated to the school from places like engineers, prison guards or fire departments, whereas you know, suggest educated workers, due to a shortage in population. I am honestly considering removing all the universities so I can use that manpower in more sufficient areas, where their labor will be appropriately used.
  23. stupid

    having to post a NEW topic and then delete it to access "must read" postings is just stupid.
  24. Influence war

    One improvement I think should be made, is the implementation of a way for you, as the god to influence your nuggets to war. I did notice another post suggesting a military option, and I agree fully. With that said there should also be the option to influence peace. The way see this done might be through a diplomatic window, with the ability to click on the corresponding button. I realize the game is still in alpha, but that was very apparently missing for me.
  25. Grad Students

    Just want to check, you have teachers assigned at the universities, correct?
  26. Grad Students

    Grad Student turnout is sooooooooooo slow. No matter what I do I am lucky to have 2 Grad students at a time and I even have Ministry of Education and at least 7 Universities.
  27. Grad Students

    I meant to put an update and I think I forgot to do so. lol I figured out it was due to age. I literally have 70-90-year-old college students, so they are dying literally minutes after they graduate. I guess it is kinda like real life? lol Seriously though, almost every college student I have is starting around 70-90 years old and I can not find any option that allows you to remove someone from the university. I have a hundred young nuggets running around that can't get into school because all the old foggies are taking up space. Unless I am missing something, this would certainly be an awesome feature for Crytivo to add. A simple option to remove NPCs from college. lol I even tried sending them to Jail on purpose, but they seem to remain college students even while in prison. lol
  28. Grad Students

    It largely depends on why they're disappearing, for which there are two likely causes. They're dying, or they're becoming Exiles. It could also be both, since it's very odd if it's happening multiple times to you. If you're interested in tracking it down, you could go and follow one after graduation and assignment and see what happens
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