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V35--No Resource Required To Build

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Buildings don't require resources 

Build version:


Severity on a scale of 1-5:

4, I suppose. It's not literally breaking the game but any resource mechanics are bypassed... which is half the game. 


Placing buildings AFTER loading a certain saved game don't require resources and the nuggets will automatically start constructing. They don't even clear out the debris if I place the blueprints on tree's or stones. 


EDIT: This is still achieved WITHOUT holding left shift and placing blueprints, as that bug was reported a few weeks ago. I was able to place any blueprint no matter the building (airports, etc.)


Load the game and start building Universities behind my clump of modern homes (although I'm not sure that specific building is the key). Afterwards, any blueprints placed now are free of cost and nuggets will go to town on it. I have the save game if required, just not sure where to upload it at. 






Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug or an unintended feature--when casting a protective bubble miracle ON a tornado, it'll confine it to that area. You can essentially nullify tornadoes by casting the smallest/cheapest CP bubble and it'll never move. 


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