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v35 - Extraterrestrial build

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I know it is the experimental build, but I figured I would get these bugs reported early on, as a couple of them are quite serious.

#1 - Paths have ceased to be built. The original paths that were being built for the first 400 years of my society have remained, but new paths and roads have simply not been built. It's hard, for someone like me who wants to build a well structured society based on road location, to do so when there are no roads.

#2 - Nuggets seem to get stuck in Bunkers now. They'll stay there until they die, which is obviously a problem, lol

#3 - If I've placed a new building down to be built, construction will not complete until I've manually removed Stones, Trees and Bushes from within the zone. The nuggets will not go in and remove them themselves.

#4 - UFO leave as soon as they arrive, making striking them down with lightning extremely difficult.

#5 - Nuggets are still not replacing Stone Huts with Tudor or Modern housing.

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#6 - I'm not always alerted to when Elections are being held.

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#1  true, but not a real problem for me, right now


#2  this is a serious problem, I have lost many important nuggets this way, as soon as a fire starts for example (no matter the distance) all my nuggets go for shelter, some of them remain inside even when the danger is over, I can't use my God powers to take them out, even demolishing the bunker they don't move and they die without food and water, again my God powers are useless to save them


Verify with the save:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/vnhxqydyzepifn9/universim6.sav?dl=0


Finally I reduced to 6 modern bunkers and they are working properly right now, but I have 800 nuggets and growing fast


Bunkers working: https://www.dropbox.com/s/czrtzcq1a8rc8fb/universim7.sav?dl=0


#3 it happens occasionally, a minor but irritating problem


#4 true, and meteors have less incidence, so it's difficult to get all the landmarks,

solution: pause the game as soon as you hear the assigned sound for UFOs and seek the UFO, then strike


#5 I don't now if that is a bug, in real life you find different housing quality in the cities, think in "Favelas" , but it would be easier for space optimization in "space era"



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