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Throwing my two cents in

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So I've been playing for a while now, and there are a few things that I feel would help overall gameplay.


First, I'd like to be able to place huts myself, to be able to make neighborhoods and to stop my nuggets from building them miles away from every service I've given them. And while I'm talking about houses, I feel as though it would be immensely helpful if our nuggets could move\trade houses with other nuggets automatically to move them closer to where they work (much like in Banished).


Second, PLEASE let us put markers down to find things more quickly. I realize the other tribes don't actually do much (if anything at all) but I personally find it to be immeasurably frustrating when I can never find them after the first notification.


Speaking of our neighbors and notifications, is there any plan to make either more useful? The notifications are always out of order, and (I at least) can't click on any of the blue words unless they're in the small pop-up on the bottom. The trade notification also seems wonky. It will pop up saying so and so wants to trade, and it will show me a picture of a set number of one resource for a different resource. Then, when I click on the pink wing at the bottom, both sides are empty and when I try to make the trade look like the notification, the other tribe's meter is all the way at the bottom(near the thumbs down). Am I missing something?


I would also appreciate a way to prioritize upgrades the same way we can with buildings, so my nuggets will stop building the engineering hut upgrade before the water pump as they all run out of water. That was fun.


(5th now?) Wood and stone refinement could be sped up a little, as I can have a surplus of both raw materials and 2-5 refined. It slows down the upgrade and building process so much.


As a side note, I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but maybe you guys could actually give us everything we're actually supposed to get from the meteor boxes? I opened one and the notifications told me I received a Nugget, 30 refined wood and 50 herbs, but when I looked, I had 10 refined wood, no herbs, and a new notification telling me I'd killed a Nugget (which I didn't, this all happened at the same time). And to wrap it all up, since I haven't seen this brought up before, but would any of you consider changing the notification sound? The school bells sound just like it and it's distracting, but not absolutely necessary obviously.

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