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So this is just gonna be a list of problems I've come across. If I come across/remember more I'll probably add them.


God power scroll wheel is really out of order and I'll have to loop a bunch of times to get to the power I need. 


Forest god power is a lil underwhelming. It'd be a little better if it could expand like the dome shield


Meteor crates, looking at the hints after they've been studied it's still anyone's guess what's in there. Hints are too vague to be any help


Wood refinery: This is a BIG one for me, despite having heaps of raw wood, trees, workers etc, and making sure wood storage, lumberjack and refinery are all in v close proximity, it's been a chokehold on my civilisation for a few versions now. I can have 300+ raw wood and still only have 4 refined planks. This has been a lethal setback as upgrading critical resources like farms and water pumps is way too slow even if I select them 1 at a time. This is made so much worse when they're diverting even more resources into upgrading the huts into tudor mansions. Society grinds to a halt. It makes the medieval phase really drag on for no good reason. I've checked to make sure there's space in storage too so I know there's no backlog choking up production too.

Ministers: Okay this is the other one. I've been so keen on ministers to take the load off my shoulders but it seems the only ones who do their jobs are the medical and education ministers, I get swamped with hospitals and universities (but not schools or cemetaries) and usually at a really bad time because my resources are trying to cope with upgrading from pre/ to medieval as it is. It's always those two, no matter if I save and reload, fire and rehire them, they're all college graduates, or I start a whole new game. The others don't do anything at all and I doubt it's because I'm doing so great.


Wandering Nuggets: For some reason, despite having loads of food, stone and wood from renewable sources, Nugs keep wandering to the farthest reaches of the planet to hunt more down from the wild, often times taking them so far away they die of starvation or thirst before they get back. Hunters do the same thing because animal populations are so scarce so I only use hunting for the first winter then destroy it.


To end on a positive though, I love the direction the game is heading in and I can't wait to finally enter the modern age (4th times a charm) and see all the new content you've made. Love this game so much and I know it's going to be amazing.

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Uf. I completely agree with you, specially with the refined materials part.


I have the warehouse opposite to the wood refinery and the stone refinery. And it's incredible how slow both refineries are.


It seems that even with the warehouse opposite to the them, they don't get materials. I assign two workers and they keep waiting, instead of (at least) trying to collect some materials.



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