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There is an issue when using Telekinesis to transport and drop off a supply for faster build. The Green circle used to show the area for drop off is not appearing as well as it use to. I am having to zoom in and out and reangle in an attempt for it to appear and even then if you move a millimeter or sometimes on its own, it will just disappear. Then of course when it suddenly disappears, the item drops and isn't counted, so wasted God Power points. 

I am getting a weird message for Nuggets in a few job positions like the Small Kinetic Job. It shows LOC_"NuggetJob/KINETIC_SMALL", which I assume is some actual program language, to perhaps reassure the Nugget is going to the proper job location?

When I click on the button to add a worker to a building (any building) the screen to select from among the population, at first is popping up all over the place randomly, instead of in the center of the screen. (Quite Annoying)

Added: When hovering over a Nugget while selecting their place of employment, while they are currently at work to see their information. It is only flashing on the screen for 1/2 sec repeatedly. Quite (Frustrating). 

I am sure none of this is anything serious you will race to fix and I understand you probably have bigger things to attend to, but I thought I would bring up these super annoying little disturbances. lol


"Enjoying the Game"!


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Hey Rak, I couldn't reproduce a few of these things, like the telekinesis being more tempermental, or the nugget assignment panel moving around and not always being in the middle.


The nugget hover panel is an issue that I've reported and will be fixed at some point. The LOC is also just a translation issue, and will be fixed as well.

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