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Returning To UniverSim After Break

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After initially posting a bunch on this form in regards to the UniverSim I took a long break and played a bunch of other games giving the game to develop more fully.  I can see we are still in the Alpha stage but there are some things I was having trouble with, things that should be easy but wound up being hard or impossible.

There is no reference for keybindings


I couldn't figure out how to rotate a building.  The help says use the rotate blueprint option but... whats that?  I can't find it or the keybinding for it.


Certain follower quests are ... well incomplete or difficult.  I was asked to heal someones friend, but it didn't tell me who.  I may have waited too long but the quest remained


The quest for find my lost child is so hard I can never find them.  The children aren't listed in the registry of citizens?  That would help.  An early quest like that shouldn't be so hard.


The quest for bringing new fruits to the farm didn't proc the first time I played on 4/2/2019 and so I wound up with the one fruit for several hours, it wasn't until today 4/3 that I got the quest to bring new fruit types to the farm in order to learn them.


Some of the text in the descriptions of things are cut off.


If I am a bad creator and don't want love, why do I have to play matchmaker at the beginning with LOVE crap?  (jk i love it but still I wanted to see what happened if I didn't play nice)


The speech and music should continue even if i hit the research button


Every time I explore the planet it asks if I'm lost.

Suggestion:  Exodus

New Building - City Center.  I feel cramped in this starting location and the city was already named, wouldn't it be super duper if I could start a new city by creating a city center and allocating a portion of the population to leave to start it?  I think it would be great.

Suggestion: Servant of the Creator (high cost). Allow for the creator to deem one of the citizens his Prophet allowing for the number of believers to climb more easily.  Good or Evil I still want people to believe in me.  Either this or allow for there to be someone who works at the temple.  Who spreads the faith.

Overall Feedback: 
The game is looking amazing since the last time I played, there is more functionality and the stability is remarkable.  I was sort of disappointed that the promised credits stone or memorial wasn't easy to locate cuz I did want to show off that my name was in a game, but i was either not in the game yet or difficult to find.  A simple button on the main menu would suffice as special thanks/supporters.  I played for hours and hours last night but the new patch invalidated my build, which is fine, its alpha, and I had fun playing all the same.  The last time I played the game started glitching out and freezing early in.  

If the flat earth content was an April fools joke it was a good one, but that would be dope to be able to make a flat planet like Azeroth in the Thor movies as a home base with the bifrost or a Stargate to easily travel between future planets I will surely conquer.

That's all I found so far.  GG keep it up.

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Hey Daniel, wanted to take some time to respond to your post.


  • You can find the keybindings in the settings under "Controls"
  • Building rotation is bound to Q and E, which can be found in the Controls and changed if you prefer
  • Quest panels have an Eye symbol in the bottom left that will zoom you to the subject of the quest, in this case, the nugget in need of healing
  • Finding the Child largely relies on you listening to howling wolves. While we agree this isn't the best way to do it, it's the best we're willing to do right now. Children in general do not appear in the nugget population list, as they can't do anything in terms of work and employment
  • Why the quest didn't show up earlier I can't say, and you are correct that it should have appeared. The conditions should be having a farm and then assigning a nugget to that farm. That being said, the mechanics taught in that quest work outside the framework of the quest, so you can bring new foods to the farm at any time
  • Can you post what descriptions exactly are being cut off? It could be caused by a font size issue, or perhaps were just not size or written correctly for their space. Thanks!
  • As for love, you don't have to! Every quest in the game is optional, which is why you have the option to reject it.

Hope that addressed some of your concerns. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts, especially since you've been around a while. Hope you continue to enjoy the game!


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