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When will the alpha start?


- The closed tests will start in April


When does the tournament starts?

- Announcement for the tournament will be made sometime in April. We would like to gather everyone's feedback before actually jumping straight into the tournament.


Can we make clubs?

- Of Course! You can do so in the 'create-a-club' channel. Just check the rules first please.


Is it beneficial to play with friends?

- Yes. This game requires not only personal skills but also teamplay.


Is the game purely multiplayer?

- Yes and no. The game will have a story mode, where you can evolve your character, but in order to move further, you will need to participate in multiplayer matches against other players and improve your character and your social status even more.


So besides story mode & multiplayer matches, what else can you do in the game?

- You will be able to do quite a lot. First of all, you will have a chance to create your own character as well as pre-select already existing one. You can go shopping for a new outfit for your character, train and improve his skills on a training field. Participate in different quests in order to unlock different abilities for your character. You will have passive & active abilities. Open new locations (currently 5 big cities are being planned and a total of 9 different locations that you can visit). Purchase your own apartment and as you progress forward move to a better one. Ranked mode. After you are done with a warm up, its time to jump and defeat everyone


Is it possible to create and customize your character?

- You will be able to create your own character and customize him. Story characters that already in the game will have a limited customization. For them you will be able to change their clothing and hair color.


Do cosmetics / clothing items give bonuses?

- No, it is purely esthetics thing, but making your character looking cool is worth it


Are there going to be microtransactions?

- This question is still debatable. If there would be any, it would be purely cosmetics stuff. No pay 2 win practices here. We do not approve them.


Can we spectate games?

- No, but if this is something that a lot of people will request, this can be a feature.


How do we improve our stats?

- You will have a specific training field, where you will be able to train one of many skills that your character has, reaching a specific point in your training will require you to play some multiplayer matches in order to progress forward and fully complete your training.


Can we max out our character stats?

- Technically speaking yes, but it is extremely hard and will take a very long time to do so. Is there dailies / weekly / monthly tasks? - Not planned yet. If this is something that players will think is cool to have, we can definitely think about it. Your voice matters


Is there a role / class system in the game?

- No


Where are the serves are located?

- Current servers locations are: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia. Some more will be added at a later date.


Can we move out from our old apartment?

- Surely! As you progress forward, you will have a chance to move to a better one.


Are we limited to only one field?

- No. As you progress forward and reputation grows, the fields that you are playing on will be changed as well.



[Store Page:](https://crytivo.com/en/football-story)





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