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Possible Partial Solution To Intense Processing Demand

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Hi, I've been loving the game for a while now thanks :). i took some time off when i ran out of things to do in the past and there are many new features now which i like! I never noticed such high CPU/GPU and fan noise in the past. was running with settings maxed out too but only ever reached about 200 pop. I have 500 this time and noticed I had to turn all settings from maximum to minimum once my pop reached about 100 because my CPU was at 99%. 

i have 500 pop now running in 4k at 10-20 fps with Vsync set to half. no shadows, grass, fog, and all settings minimum yet my CPU is going up and down to 80% and GPU up to 50% which is pretty crazy compared to most other games I play. the game also keeps freezing for a fraction of a second regularly. it's starting to feel unplayable sadly. i had this rig custom built last year because my FPS was too low in ARK survival and it can run almost every single game i have on ultra settings and still get way more frames then my monitor can produce. i can only get between 20-30 fps with Vsync off right now in this game and my CPU and GPU go way up and fan loud as hell so this is the end of this story of creation i think lol.

I noticed how when i'm zoomed out way in the distance it's processing the tiniest animal and nugget gestures when i wouldn't even be able to tell if everything was just floating around paralyzed. also the trees swaying at maximum distance could possibly be a culprit. I would really recommend creating some kind of scaled down simple animations based on distance/pixels etc if this is not already in place. if it is maybe include a slider to manually set the distance because it could alleviate a lot of processing demand i think.

All the best. Look forward to many more future patches xD

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