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Creating Quickplay Guide for Universim

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The Ultimate Universim Playing  Guide V1.0

Ok people , I need you help. On many posts I see in the forums and or  Steam Discussions as well as on Discord , that people need help playing the game. 

Since there are not really any good guides around and I do not want people to browse for themselves on youtube and other  media to learn to play the game , I want to start to create a stratagyguide for this game. But for that I need your help.


Please reply to this thread if you have any idea's what is needed and if you want to help out. Any help is welcome


Please help us to make this game fun to play for the new people as well..


Thank you 


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For help with food production. Here are a few tips


-Use the different food sources available to you! Don't only place farms or fisheries or hunters huts because you can run out of food between harvests, it doesnt produce large amounts of food and you can kill all the animals on the planet respectively.


-Place 1 Farm per place that serves food right beside that place. Your nuggets will then not have to walk very far to get food.


-Read the description of each crop! You might accidently plant a bunch of herbs if you dont.


-Watch out once you upgrade to taverns! Raw food use is doubled!


That is all I have regarding food use and I hope it will help with the guide :)




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A tip for Creator Point regeneration.


Don't use it, learn to have your speed on max when building buildings and what not.

Stop it when necessary for wolf attacks and raids to examine whats happening and to just think in general on your next move.

Your nuggets are highly efficient, put down the important things they need 1st like more water, food, and engineers. 

They will take care of the rest. At best you need CP for re-growing trees or changing the seasons back to spring or summer

if you don't like the snow. You will still be at 800+ to 900+. Regeneration is fast, enjoy viewing what your nuggets are up to and

not think about it much and enjoy how the nuggets work like ants to get the buildings up, so you can enjoy the process and not have

the urge to help a lot. Hope this helps, it's my permanent, play style I fell into and love it. I have 1000 cp's ALWAYS! ;)


Also 1000 is the full cap, I think last time it was 400 from last year if not then that's just something I felt was in the game.

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thank you for the addition


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Save your CP in early game focusing it reproduction and setting your resources (food,water, and building materials). Once around 25 pop they will take care of themselves.


Keep building up your supply lines especially food and water build well ahead of what you need, this will save you later when your population booms a bit later on.

I recommend building a block 4X4 of water reservoir this enough storage to keep you going for a while and if you ever run out of storage you use a rain cloud to fill up the 4X4 water storage.



During this point you should be saving cp using sparingly to help keep you nugs alive or keep faith as close to 50 (and happy)as possible. 50 believers is enough to build cp decently fast. 

You can ignore the basic requests for healing as they wont help you all that much except to make your nugs love you more increasing the rate you gain cp (check temple).

As you start spreading out it becomes cleaner to build a guard tower and engineers hut together.


Make sure to build you restaurants, wells, schools and hospitals through out your civ for faster response to needs and to have storage for resources you cant produce in other areas.    

Once you have built a forestry you want to start focusing on using your cp to maintain resources like your lakes and wood. 

You can grow trees in the forestry area to increase the production rate of the building ( dont have to wait for trees to grow )


After that you are set to continue expanding rather steady with little stress other than trying to maintain food and water across expansive empire that seemed to sprout out of nowhere.

Try to avoid using the TownHall unless you have way more nugs than jobs.

 Keep this up all the way to the modern age and start spreading out your reserves for food water and power around so that you cant loos all your supplies in a disaster    


Warning: Once you get to a population around 50 your population will explode and begin a cycle of booming they dying out a bit always have way more then you need. 

Be Ready to jump from 50 to 200+ in a matter of minutes.


If you stay close to this strat it is very easy to maintain max cp, about half the population believing and loving you, good relations with neighbors and end a steady growing population


Note you made need to help jump start your population if ever hit a wall the halts your momentum. 


Im sure I missed a lot but this how tend play the regular mode and can build a population of around 500 in around 10hrs I think maybe more maybe less.

let me know if anyone has any problems or questions.     


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These strategies are for v0.34 (flat world or cheese ball)


End-game building construction: during new building construction, there is a bug where if the blueprint has trees or stones upon its foundation, iron won't be deposited, even if over 50 laborers are available.  While normally nuggets will remove trees or stone in the way of a foundation, the bug is that a scaffolding animation, which usually occurs in response to resource deposition, will ensue, in essence making cutting down trees or mining stone inaccessible to the nuggets.  In other words, nuggets will deposit initial resources such as refined wood or refined stone, but be unable to deposit other more advanced resources after the scaffolding animation ensues.  A hint that this bug is occurring is that there will be an enormous amount of supporters without any real construction going on.  Each support will show up to the construction site and, after a small amount of time, simply leave.  Use telekinesis to remove all trees/rocks from the construction zone, and the building will erect.  You may need to change the angle of your camera to view otherwise hidden rocks.  Currently, it is unclear whether the bug is related to the need for iron or if iron just so happens to be the last resource deposited, the latter case being that iron won't deposit simply because it is typically one of the more advanced resources that isn't deposited first; usually, wood and stone are, leading to the scaffolding animation sequence.


End-game housing: Whether a nugget uses a vehicle or travels by foot seems to be related to their place of residence.  So, demolish tudor houses and stone huts after you reach industrialization so that nuggets will erect modern housing and, therefore, use motor vehicles for transport instead of walking.


End-game power: windmill energy is unsustainable later in the game owing to lack of larger turbines and larger batteries.  In general, there are protracted periods of no winds or the occasional wind storm.  Wind storms overwhelm the windmills, making them unable to generate power.  What's more, there seems to be a bug that, even after the windstorm recedes, the windmills still fail to generate electricity.  This bug can be resolved by saving and reloading your game after the windstorm ends.  Choose a different energy pathway, and be sure to balance any sadness or pollution appropriately (ie, with cosmetic buildings or using forestry god power).

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