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Bugs Submitted from Discord

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Recently, I collected some new problems and suggestions found in the 0.3 version of the game: -- Problem /bugs--

1. After the completion of the distribution center, all Nuggets will no longer carry materials to the construction site, and the distribution center can only allocate two nuggets, the rest of the positions are locked.
2. Nugget will not get sick when passing through the infected area (previous versions will get sick)
3. It seems that the formation of animal piles will happen to all animals, and hunters do not seem to actively hunt these animals (even nearest to the hunter's hut).
4. Some Nugget homes will not be upgraded according to the progress of the times (the upgraded resources are sufficient)
5. Nugget ministers will automatically build production buildings (such as hospitals) within the scope of logging sites. (As creators, we can't make it)
6. If the crops on the farm stop supplying water when they are ripe, Nugget farmers will still not collect the ripe crops, but wait for them to decay.

-- Suggestions --

1. With the progress of the times, the construction steps of buildings are more and more, but the construction speed of Nugget seems to have no improvement. The later the construction speed is, the slower the construction speed is. It is suggested that the speed of construction and the animation display of the construction process should be properly improved according to the tool technology.
2. After the police arrested Nugget criminals and put them in prison, the original position suggested that they should automatically find an idle worker Nugget close to that position instead.
3. Suggest setting up admission time, otherwise those dying Nuggets will still be very good at learning to occupy valuable degrees.

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