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Know bugs we have in current built

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Known Bugs V0.0.30


People , here a list of known bugs and their solutions


Bugs (updated 12 feb 2019)


  • When starting a new game no interface is shown.

    Please put the game in  French and then back to English Again.Please provide your settings json file. The file path is C:\Users\"user"\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_\The Universim and the file name is TheUniversim.Settings.json
  • Nuggets stop moving around.

    There is not  really a solution for this bug as for now. Many things can go  wrong in the game . It is very important you sent your save game to me or Sasha on Discrod. So we can pinpoint what circumstances this bug occurs.
  • University / Schools are not working.

    This is known and being fixed in the next patch. There is no work around.
  • Game Crashes at Start up.

    Also this bug is hard to replicate. It is being looked after.
  • Nuggets are dying and I cannot get my population above xxx.

    This is in the game design. I would suggest you use your Cupid God power to make some new nuggets. Also make sure you have enough nuggets working free AKA  not having a job. The more free nuggets you have , the more they will do "love making" . Also make sure your nuggets are happy. Built slow.
  • People can loose their save games when closing Universim.

    We would like to see the Cloud log to see if Steam Cloud is doing something weird.

    cloud_log.txt that is located inside you C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs

    and only gets filled if steam is active; so start steam, start game, save; log out and see if save still there, if not; get log while steam still running.

  • My Save games are gone why?

    WIth every built the save games will be gone due the fact so many variables have changed due the new patch. So basicly understand this. With every large big patch , you have to start a new game. It is a shame and I know. But that is what you get when the game is still in alpha and things change a lot under the hood :) Bare with us !!

  • My game is stuttering a lot.

    The Dev's enabled a logging feature within the game that makes the HDD write a lot of data to your harddisk during gameplay. This was enabled to make a log file at C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_\The Universim called : output_log.txt. Please sent this logfile to us when you enccounter bugs. This embedded logging feature will be optional in later builts.


With all bugs you  encounter that  are not listed here , make sure you sent us your save game as well. We can be reached on our Discord

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Updated today

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