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V30 Wanted to Try new update but lethargic camera and UI Drove me away

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I really love where Universim is going but this is the first release I won't be playing till the end of the content, I just cannot put up with that camera and UI again.


1. Please make it an option to not have the reallly lethargic and slow UI, example: pressing escape brings up the menu, then switching between the menu or exiting the menu has this slow fade in and out.

2. Remove escape from actually brining up the menu, have a clickable button for that, esc is usefull to just press to get back to a default action state with the curser, but if already in that default state you get thrown into the menu(made worse by the issue outlined above)

3. Please have an option to change the bindings for god power (Middle mouse) and the modifier for freelook (right mouse), I can rebind powers but not the modifier. It would be far more condusive having the mouse wheel which controls zoom also control pitch and rotation, most games run this way. I get that the powers are scrolled with mouse wheel, however for me the camera is more important and right clicking then scrolling for the god power would still be perfectly viable and just as easy. Just having that as an option in the bindings would go a long way.

4. THE biggest issue though is how slow the camera is with WASD and the extreme inertia. I get you might going for an imersive 'god like' floaty feeling but it just makes the simple task of looking around a massive chore, keep the camera simple, the crisper the better. Remove or severly reduce the inertia, and make the shift modified camera speed the default, we dont need a modified speed really, fine camera control is easier with the left mouse drag. An editable camera speed would be optimal.


Keep up the good work, hopefully I'll give the next release a full play through.

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Hey Sabre, I can't say whether or not we'll be making these changes, but I'll bring them up. Otherwise, just wanted to let you know there are a few other bindings for camera control and the power wheel. Tab will also open the wheel, and holding down the Spacebar will throw you into free look just like the right click. I doubt it will change your opinion on it much, but just wanted to let you know!

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I have mentioned these camera issues before as well, and similar to Sabre, I likely won't be playing again until these are resolved. If they are never resolved, then I might play until the medieval era upon game release (which I haven't been able to push my suffering that far yet because of camera), but then the camera controls will get so annoying that I won't want to come back.


To be frank, I highly doubt this game can gain much traction if you can't even play it comfortably. The camera is a severe hindrance, and in my opinion should be priority #1 for resolving. The camera is worse than that from games made 10+ years ago. It doesn't matter how awesome the game is if I have to put 90% of my focus on panning the camera.


I'll reiterate what Sabre said plus add a few other points:

  1. All keys should be re-bindable (which means I should be able to bind rotating to the mouse wheel-pressed event)
  2. There should be zoom and pan sensitivity settings
  3. The acceleration/deceleration of the camera caused by zooming should be configurable down to 0 acceleration. When I zoom, I do so because I want to set it to a very specific perspective. And the deceleration causes the camera to ALWAYS overshoot. I cannot express how extremely annoying that is.
  4. Make zooming either go vertically up and down (as it does now), or (as a configurable option) move towards/away from the mouse cursor.
    1. From a human perspective, when you think about zooming, your goal is to zoom into a specific point. That point should be a visible marker on your UI (ie. the mouse cursor). So the current zooming forces you to think about what is directly under your current camera view. This additional step should not be a thought I have to have, and it severely detracts from the gameplay. And I do mean severely.

In general, the camera controls in this game can be considered first pass pre-pre-alpha and very out-dated. Please do more than bring it to the dev team. 

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