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Current Bug Fixed Thread

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Hello all ,


Hereby a list of current bugs that have been fixed with the latest patch :




  • Fixed: Broken Radio Tower demolished prefab.

  • Fixed: Broken Park prefabs.

  • Fixed: Multiple worker auto-assignments occurring when buildings were upgraded.

  • Fixed: Duplicate building spots after save and load.

  • Fixed: Clicking right mouse button while viewing building interior panels unintentionally rotated the main camera.

  • Fixed: Construction pop-ups during the Tesla quest displayed incorrect resource requirements.

  • Fixed: Building placement ghosts now display the required biome instead of current biome.

  • Fixed: Upgrade requests were not removed when an upgrade-ready building was destroyed.

  • Fixed: Issue with Nuggets getting stuck due to critical hunger status without food available.

  • Fixed: Nuggets getting stuck when trying to reach a resource pile that is within a water source.

  • Fixed: Loading issue when attempting to load multiple configs but unable to locate them.

  • Fixed: Certain entertainment buildings not increasing Happiness.

  • Fixed: Nuggets getting stuck during a Windstorm.

  • Fixed: Temples incorrectly being constructed within Lumbermills.

  • Fixed: Nugget Progs upgrade would consistently crash the game.

  • Fixed: Save system had a chance to fail, which lead to the issue of being unable to save the game anymore due to the system becoming locked.

  • Fixed: When loading a save, spots in the Cemetery were cleared but gravestones remained in place.

  • Fixed: Gravediggers getting stuck due to a failed request.

  • Fixed: Creator Power Carousel bugging out when switching between windowed & full screen modes.

  • Fixed: Certain buildings that require a certain biome not displaying said biome.

  • Fixed: AI error that caused a crash when an adult Nugget moved houses after their house was destroyed.

  • Fixed: Failure to load save games due to a bugged building construction request. The issue was caused by the game being saved exactly at the same time as the game was running a check for where to place a new building.

  • Fixed: Out of range exception that was happening in extreme cases on quest completion or building placement.

  • Fixed: Intro scene mountains were rotated weirdly.

  • Fixed: Prison UI panel breaking after Shifts are unlocked.

  • Fixed: Water / Electricity usage being displayed incorrectly in the UI.

  • Fixed: Wind indicator incorrectly displaying the current wind status.

  • Fixed: Dropping Nuggets after using Telekinesis occasionally caused them to fall endlessly.

  • Fixed: Removing a Nugget’s name and saving the empty field caused the renaming feature to become locked.

  • Fixed: Residential buildings displaying the upgrade button in their panels.

  • Fixed: Hitting the Esc button when an Election notification popped up caused the celebration panel to become stuck on screen.

  • Fixed: Steam API activation occurring too late lead to issues with Achievement unlocks.

  • Fixed: Police Station UI panel was missing the crime scale.

  • Fixed: Police Station UI panel caused Null Reference Exception due to incorrect value updates.

  • Fixed: Buildings providing Happiness despite not working.

  • Fixed: Extreme performance spikes during late game.

  • Fixed: Error caused by Defense Towers after loading a game.

  • Fixed: Icons for the Weak and Hermit Traits were displayed incorrectly in the Nugget panel.

  • Fixed: Neutral Trait appearing twice in the sort panel when trying to sort Nuggets by Traits.

  • Fixed: In some edge cases, the Creator Power Carousel’s icons were scrambled and displayed incorrectly.

  • Fixed: Nuggets not able to leave Schools during a Windstorm.

  • Fixed: Construction pop-ups incorrectly displayed the same colors for all resources.

  • Fixed: Redundant mesh colliders on certain objects.

  • Fixed: Game wasn’t pausing when opening the Wiki.



As many of you have pointed out, electricity shortages become far too common as you approach the Modern Age, which we have addressed with a bit of rebalancing. This should brighten up your day.

  • Kinetic Generator Electricity Storage Capacity increased from 2000 -> 5000

  • Kinetic Generator Electricity Output increased from 38 -> 50

  • Kinetic Generator Extreme Electricity Output increased from 75 -> 100

  • Small Kinetic Generator Electricity Output increased from 15 -> 25

  • Small Kinetic Generator Extreme Electricity Output increased from 30 -> 50

  • Wind Turbine Electricity Storage Capacity increased from 2000 -> 5000

  • Wind Turbine Electricity Output increased from 75 -> 100

  • Small Wind Turbine Electricity Output increased from 30 -> 50

  • Gas Plant Electricity Output increased from 200 -> 300

  • Power Battery Storage Capacity increased from 5000 -> 10000

We have also completely reworked the Crime & Happiness systems to ensure they function properly with the UI changes and new mechanics.




When new big bugs will be fixed , We will add them here. Also in the topic where the bug was introduced we try to reply there if the bug is fixed or not.




  • Due to recent changes in the engine, some localization functionality may have been affected. Please report any localization issues that you encounter on our Discord channel. We will do our best to fix it ASAP.

  • A few Nuggets may still wander into lakes. This is a small issue within our pathfinding solution. We are making constant improvements to the system and will do our best to resolve all issues in the coming months.

  • Save / Load issues: We occasionally receive reports of save games not loading. If you encounter this issue, please get in touch via Discord. Reach out to one of our developers, Sasha#5709, and send him the affected save file. This helps us tremendously to replicate and resolve such problems. We greatly appreciate your help!

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