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Bugs in the experimental branch

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After playing through the experimental branch for till the end here are a few bugs I encountered.


-At around the time you reach prison/rehab center nuggets will sometimes stay still till they die

-Gas mines have a purple box around the perimeter of the building

-The new cement, glass, and chemical building use string names for tasks instead of the real name (Loc_BuildingCement instead of Cement Factory for example)

-Exile villages appear to have the same issue as above

-Can not unassign ministers

-Ministers will sometimes build buildings inside lumber mills

-Missing Decals for concrete, glass, and chemicals

-Memory and cpu issues/leaks? (Shouldn't be maxing out a 12 core 4.1GHz processor at 150 population)

-Research circle/timer is incorrect (tends to finish at 75% done)

-Couriers will sometimes take stuff from storage then immediately put it back in a loop till there shift is over

-Shiftwork seems to reek havoc on the reproduction rate of your civilization (Had a baby boom with shiftwork off while a death spree with it on)


If you wish to have my save file just let me know!


Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. New to this forum.


I'll continue to add new bugs to this forum as i discover them.


Anyone else notice anything I missed?


(EDIT) Only now the bug subforum is appearing for me! Sorry about that!


(EDIT2) If staff remove this post ill repost everything like im supposed to in the bug section

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Most bugs , Sasha is aware off and most of them will be gone when the main patch will be online. So hang inthere fellow Nuggeteers :)


If you can help out  , join discord https://discord.gg/crytivo  and sent Sasha a DM with your bugs , He also would love to see your save game and / or crash dumps


Where to fiind the Crashfile:

The crashfile is located at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\CrashDumps .. Called The Universim.exe.7056.dmp and UnityCrashHandler64.exe.5224.dmp


Where to find your save game:

Savefile is located at : C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_\The Universim\Saves


Make sure you split the dump into two files of max 5 MB , due the limitation of discord of sending files larger then 8 MB

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