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The game feels too linear and here is why

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I took a glance over the forum and saw that several users had mentioned this already, but I didn’t feel like there is enough discussion about WHY the game feels this way.


Research feels unimpactful. You may decide to rush certain technologies before the others (e.g. businesses for happiness boost), but otherwise research in this game is just a matter of clicking on everything and waiting until it’s done. There are few mutually exclusive technologies which feel more impactful (e.g. you can build prisons OR rehabilitation buildings but not both), but these technologies make up a tiny part of the research tree. The only technology that theoretically is the most significant in the world is coal energy and its generated pollution, but this technology isn’t even fully implemented yet.  Possibly there could be a second research system that would focus strictly on morals and ethics, similarly to how in Civilization 6 civics and policy cards are separate from the tech tree. Either way, give more power to the player. 


The political part of the game needs a boost. The bonuses of the proposed candidates don’t feel essential or game-defining. You could ignore the elections every time they happen, and your civilisation wouldn’t change much, if at all. I want to see more contrast between the leaders and what they offer once they are elected, especially once the game will have a fully fleshed out modern age. 


The God powers feel too low-key. You can lift a nugget, you can make a fire, you can create rain, but generally, these options don’t feel very powerful. You can’t terraform the earth to shape mountains or rivers; you can’t summon a force that would shake up the nuggets worldwide, like an earthquake or a giant asteroid.  Players should be able to summon something very powerful,  even if that would require a lot of points. While this may not the biggest issue with the game, more powerful abilities should definitely be introduced as the game development progresses.


Another problem is the worship meter, which is painfully linear – either you are loved, or you are feared. The devs made it so that seeking nuggets’ love is the only viable way to play. Otherwise, you don’t generate any points and can't use any powers. The worship system doesn’t allow for improvisation. I want to be able to shape my nuggets as peaceful in one save, evil in another save, and something different as I start the game afresh again. There need to be more options that would make the game more replayable.

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Yes , I agree with you here  , most of the points you make. The biggest point I have to make , which has been made more here. This doesnot feel like a god game , but it feels more like a simcity building game. Which is nice on it is own. I love city building games. But I want this game to be more GOD like focused. I hope , once we reach space , they will focus on feeling like a god.

Your nuggets indeed do not show much interest in you as a god , also the planet doesnot really affect on your god powers and actions. The only thing it makes the game do  , is the love or fear that the people have . The more people fear you , the more they will leave.. But look at this.. Maybe if they are really terrified of you and they really fear you. Maybe they fear you so much that they will want to stay with you and convert all the non believer nuggets.. Stronkie god to the rescue :) hehehe

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