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What I want to see in the game

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Hello. I finished the technology tree of the current version of the game and here is what i think would be nice to have. I am sure that a lot of it is planned, but here it is anyway:

1. logistics and public transport

Roads and trains and horse chariots would be a welcome sight.

2. better statistics

I wish I could research demographic data where I can causes of death for example. At some pint population started to decline, but it was unclear why. It would be nice to see workforce allocation, education, lifespan, most dangerous jobs and such.

3. remote outposts and villages

Citizens refused to move to newly created distant villages where I created all sorts of services. They travelled there for work and back to the main town. I imagine they should move to the place where they work and not just expand the main town. There could be a building or marker that influences where they build homes. Also they should switch homes for the ones close to where they work. (I am not sure if they are doing that, but it seemed like they don’t)

4. different wind force at different locations, local weather

I went for wind turbines and it resulted in very long periods with no power. I had two locations of the turbines, one in the mountains and one in a desert, but they always stopped at once and worked at once. Location had no effect on wind force or direction and it should. 


5. sailing and oceans, rivers and bridges

Oceans should not freeze, should not be source of water, but there should be fishing all year and cargo ships everywhere. A river or two will do the planet good.


6. forts and castles

There is lack of these building. I noticed only a tower and that’s it.


7. different political systems

There seems to be only one way of government. I imagine it could range from tyranny to democracy with everything that is between.


8. animal farming and domestication

The title says it.

9. better religion
Let the creator bring his law that will restrict believers in a way he wants. The more believers the more the civilization is affected. Let there be unelected high priest of prophet who influences policy.


10. diplomacy
Other villages don’t need to be just pests. There can be a more complex way to influence them, take over their settlement or cooperate with them economically and in war.

11. war
There was no way to retaliate for the attacks except to use miracles. I could not build a professional army.


12. narrators

Give us someone less annoying or a different narrators or narrator modes. Morgan Freeman perhaps?


Although the game is work in progress it didn’t crash, there were only few bugs like tooltips not disappearing, fishing not happening and some other minor bugs. It feels way better done than some other infamous god games that came before. I am looking forward to the final version.


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Thanks for the feedback Frekim. A number of these are already planned to varying degrees, but it's always good to hear from as many members of the community about what they want.

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I would also like there to be armies... and be able to actually fight back the rivals but i also think that if you do add military into the game the rivals need to be a little stronger or add other threats (like aliens which i assume are going to be added as they were shown in trailers)


I would also like there to be like a church that you could build to spread belief in an easier way than having you spend all your god power to make 1 person believe...(i also don't understand why changing the season doesn't gain any believers... i mean who else do they think did that?)


you should be able to go full on religious mode if you want... perhaps building the church could slow tech development but passively gain believers?

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