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Froze Nuggets - Construction

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I contact you because I have problems when I play at Universim, I love your game and your graphics are beautiful! And I take great pleasure in playing it. I started the first part, I came to a population of 300 nuggets and suddenly they all froze, and stopped working and feeding. Then I started a new game again, this time I got to 400 nuggets and then they started not to build some buildings anymore, so I can’t move forward as my population grows. I was wondering if you had a solution so I could move on?


Edit : I’ll try to see if my video and audio drivers are updated, if that’s the case I don’t know where the problem is. 

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Something like this likely isn't drivers on your machine. Undoubtedly some bug has occurred inside of your game, or rather two bugs as these both sound like separate issues. Best we can do is look at the save files where these bugs occurred and try to figure out the root cause. If you could upload them, that would be great.

The files can be compressed and uploaded somewhere to the cloud, like Dropbox or Googledrive, whatever is easiest for you. Then just post the download link here so we have access to it.

Savegames folder
C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves


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I updated my drivers yesterday, it did not solve the problems. On the other hand, I took a little patience and I waited, and it seems that some constructions that I do when they are too far away, the nuggets do not build them because I think I did not have enough nuggets workers and focused on the buildings closest to them. I had to destroy and re-build when the nuggets did not want to build some buildings, and they ended up building it .. I do not really know if it can be part of a bug .. or just the fact that I did not manage my nuggets properly, for now my game is working properly. I will come back to you if any time I re-encounter a problem.. I will still try to put you the link of the backup if it would ever come from a bug..


Thank you for you answers



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