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Saved Games Not Loading V0.0.29 Status Update

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Hi, I see a lot of people have reported this problem, and I have the same problem too.
It's so bad I have stopped playing the game until it is fixed.
I assume the developers have an idea by now, of what is causing the problem?
Can we get a status update of the progress on this issue?

Thank you


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So yes, we do, but it's a very complex problem. You see there isn't one single bug that is causing the game to not be able to save. It can be any number of bugs that occurred while you were playing causing the issue. So just getting one persons save file won't actually help, because almost definitely everyone has a different bug. Getting as many as possible isn't the solution, but it is helpful because we can at least reduce the amount of cases where this occurs and prevent the specific bug from cropping up again. However, until then this will be an issue we grapple with as we continue to develop the game and reduce the amount of errors occurring inside of the game.

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Thank  you for your reply.

I'll add a save file to one of the other posts.

If you have any other updates on this issue as they become available, or workarounds,  or estimation of when it will be fixed; please post here if you don't mind.

I think it will help put customers at ease to see such updates.



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