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Hi! I've put about 30 hours into this game in the past week or so, and I've finally unlocked all of the technologies currently available. Most of the stuff I've noticed is really small, but here are a few suggestions/issues that have come to mind while playing the game:

  • I feel like there should be an "emergency" way to get essentials like food, water. More specifically food, because if you run out of food everything falls apart and none of the Nuggets will work to get more food because they're dying of hunger. I know you can water the farms to insta-grow, but then the Nuggets still have to harvest. Water you can sort of do with the season change creator power, but I feel like I want a way to "buy" a bunch of food as a creator power just to get through to when I can provide a more sustainable food source. 
  • A map! This is probably already planned, especially once you're exploring other planets and stuff, but a map of the world would be very helpful. Also, a way to place beacons/markers on the map (like for exile villages, cool crops, or just a place you put a random well that you want to check up on once in a while).
  • When you upgrade to the new era, Nuggets suddenly spend *all* their time and energy upgrading their houses, and speed of building other stuff slows to a halt. This is really frustrating, especially at a time where you're so excited that you just unlocked all these new buildings! 
  • Please sort the message log, and potentially add options for what types of messages you want to see? I sometimes miss messages since there's so much going on (and so many messages), and when I click the message log, it's not in chronological order to catch up on the ones I missed :( this is also an issue for when the messages "group" (like "3 construction completed" etc); I can't figure out which buildings finished constructing because when I click the notification, it brings me to an unsorted log.
  • Shifts are amazing and really useful, but I notice that there's a significant "shift change" time where absolutely nothing gets done because the Nuggets for the next shift start heading for the building when the Nuggets for the previous shift leave, so they might be halfway across the town and by the time they get to the building, the shift is halfway over.
  • Also related to shifts, it was staggering to me how quickly I ran out of laborers when shifts and the town hall were researched. The town hall automatically fills all the shifts in all the buildings, and then there are few laborers left. I realize that there's an option to set the number of laborers to never assign to "jobs", but that's frustrating to me because then maybe really important functions (i.e., making food, hospitals, whatever) won't get filled. Honestly, I feel like once you have shifts, you need a much bigger population to get everything done in a reasonable amount of time, and I read on this forum that there's currently a soft cap of 200. I have gotten up to like 275 before and it still doesn't feel like enough once half the "workers" are doing nothing for half the day when they aren't on shift.


That's all for now, hopefully not too overwhelming, and feel free to dismiss/ignore any of this. I just want to help you guys make the best game you can, and if none of my suggestions make it in (or if they're already considered), that's fine too! I really love this game and I appreciate all the amazing work that's been done on it thus far. Keep it up, you're doing great :)

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Agreed with shifts - it can cripple your community, not enough casual labour and a halt to procreation, this can severely dent your growing community. The transition needs to be more gentle. Once you get the town hall I set 50 nuggets as 'do not auto-assign' and that helped maintain the workflow.

One other thing is hunting, having to keep finding the hunting lodge locations, going back and regularly rebuilding the traps, rechecking the animal types being hunted, gets a bit of a chore. If there was some way this was automated after a certain level had been achieved, just leave them all on autopilot, that would be good.

Inclusion of a mini-map where you can highlight locations of various items such as hunters lodges, wells, water pumps, etc. would be a nice feature.


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Hey all, finally getting back to you. Appreciate all your suggestions. Shifts is probably the most important and it's something we're looking at solutions for, but are still working on, so any ideas are appreciated.

  • Emergency food: The closest thing to this is using the rain power on a bush and continually harvesting the fruit. That being said, it requires a fair amount of CP in order to do, so make sure to save up beforehand.
  • Message log: Is something we very much want to reform somehow, but has been in and out of priority. We do recognize it's a bit of a mess right now.
  • The transition to the next era is also something we want to smooth out, because you are correct that the nuggets place nearly all priority on upgrading their houses before much else
  • A map is actually not something we have in the pipeline, though we're looking at other solutions for getting around and finding things more easily

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