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[Suggestion] Auto Upgrade Buildings

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I would like to suggest an auto upgrade solution once Town Hall is implemented and resources allow. I currently have over 200 nuggets and I have approx 110 laborers due to my mishap of management issue (I left them to their devices and they just spread like a pox XD) and now I keep researching and building them workplaces and barely keep up with stuff, upgrades are necessary in many places and I can't keep up XDDD The town hall auto upgrade would be of great help, Nuggets upgrade their houses autonomously anyway so please include this in 0.29 update would you ?


Though I am very happy my nuggets are so healthy for once in a new game XD

Usually they are getting swept up by tornadoes ... /me looks away

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I suspect upgades would be a part of the ministry's responsibilities. From what the live stream suggested, that could be as early as V30 or V31.

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