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(Un-)happy Patch

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In all honesty... Do you roll dices during development?


The whole happiness system with buildings does not make sense.

Watchtowers protect the nuggets. Why should they be afraid or unhappy about them?

Bunkers protect them because there is no other way to protect them (IN A "GOD" GAME...). So the pure existence of a "safe place" makes them unhappy? Really logical.

Spam placing "happiness" buildings to secure enough space in bunkers is ridiculous. 


Get your things together 


Exile villages... useless and annoying because you only can fight against them. If you find them... That's the other thing. It's nice that you can fly to an exile village if you get the first notification but if you want to return to them... good luck. no way to find them with an easy "zoom to" option

Pretty unhappy patch.




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