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Controls and Camera need tuning

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With this game being early in development still, I feel like now would be the best time to flesh out the control interface before everyone gets too used to the way it is now... or at least add the options to change it. I'm referring to how the camera moves around as well as how the player can control objects and cast spells.




- I can hold the left mouse button to drag across the world.

-I can hold the right mouse button to rotate the camera. However, this might work better by pressing down the middle mouse button (aka the mouse wheel), and that would free up the right mouse button for other things.


- I hate the acceleration of the camera, as it always takes me a bit too far or a bit too close from where I feel comfortable for the time. It should stop moving when I stop telling it to move. The acceleration could also just be increased drastically so you still have the current feel, but not cause a significant change in camera position.

- The scroll wheel how it is currently used for zooming in and out forces me to unintuitively think about a second and third step to the camera panning after I'm done zooming. Eg. zoom in then pan left with mouse-left btn, then look down with mouse-right btn. The absolute most natural feeling and greatest camera panning I've ever come across comes from Black & White 2. Please investigate it, as it feels very natural to move across the terrain.


Player Control

-I would like to be able to still use left-mouse (or right-mouse) for moving across terrain while I'm holding an object. Even if it's just a shift-click, it would be an improvement over the current need to use WASD. Again, I'd refer to Black & White 2, because it did it very well.

-The WASD camera panning is very slow (if there's an option to increase it, I missed it)

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Your concern is definitely well-rooted.  I too agree to your desire that the panning system be a bit faster.  I find myself zooming in often to increase the panning speed, or even worse, tossing telekinetically picked up resources accidentally when trying to pan.

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