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Save issue and Typo

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There is a problem with how the game loads save files. The save itself isn't corrupted.

Let me explain:

I wanted to change the graphics settings because after having grown to a population of 98 nuggets and having a rather impressively large stone age city on the brink of becoming medieval, my computer was begging for mercy by means of very low framerates. I changed the graphics settings, saved the game and restarted. I loaded up the save, which went well enough initially, but was met with a very zoomed out look of Mother Planet, in the wrong season, with every UI element on 0 and no controls at all. I would've thought the game was frozen if it wasn't for the animations of the UI elements.

I managed to fix this by putting the graphics settings back to exactly the way it was before. With the old setting the save loaded up fine.


There appears to be a typo in the Town Hall building. On the panel where you see the list of ministers one of the entries is written "Minister oof Health".

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