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Feedback and bit of ranting

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Disclaimer: I know this game is still unfinished but it was and is unfinished for years... So this is a feedback to the current state of the released Steam Version. Most of the things are balancing issues but some are like a dead fish  - carried over through the whole development.


Feedback incl. a bit of ranting


Difficulty and research:

Sadly the game feels like a survival city builder like Banished. You do not have a real choice how and what you research - only the illusion. There is a right and a wrong way. There should be no wrong way. 

For example:
If you do not research water reservoirs before the first winter every building in need of water will be unusable. In the stone age...



Even in earlier ages people were able to crack the ice open to catch fish during a cold season. It's called ice fishing and is popular until today in some regions.


Camera movement and movement at all:

As a Black & White type of player... I'm used to grab the ground an move... You remember the "Hand from god" in B&W... Yes you can move by clicking in this game too.. But you're unable to hold something while you move the clicking way... Or you'll simply throw it away. Try to collect the seeds in the new "collect things for the farm" minigame in this way... *rage builds up*


Reworked Faith system:

Really? A indicator how many Nuggets believe in you is the new improved faith system? -_- You're right... A NDA was needed to hide that information...

My thoughts to this point: Not reworked -  only a cover up. A real reworked faith system would mean an overhaul of the complete stone age to add a real faith and belief system including an active prayer enclave from the moment the first nugget believes in you.... instead you introduced god mail 2.0 And yes... It's only god mail 2.0. Even the envelope stayed... You still do not have any option to influence how you gain belief or faith. And don't say "later ages"... If they start believing in you in the stone age, they should start worshipping you too and build a prayer enclave and not a mailbox.


Less micromanagement?

By introducing the new "find the seeds" minigame for the farm you introduced more micromanagement to the stoneage which has already a lot of micromanagement. Congratulations to this decision... *sarcasm*


Useless god powers:

Most godly powers are useless or weak. Yes we're able to pick up trees and stones and deliver them with a highly reduced worth to the building site... 5 wood from a tree worth 50 wood... -_- same for stones... That's how you kill resources on the planet...

All other god powers have a equivalent building. So the power is useless and godly powers are still a gimmick and not needed or outstanding.

Still no option for your "believing" nuggets to search for shelter in a prayer enclave and a protection option god power for you as god instead of a "bunker" in the stone age... you introduced because Fallout 4 was big during this period... "Yeah a bunker like in Fallout... how cool" *sarcasm*


Some things have changed for the better but the AI is still really stupid and gameplay did not really change in the stone age. Stupid nuggets leaving their workplace for different reasons although they work so hard that they have no energy left... Hungry nuggets between piles of food... And many more...


No positive feedback from me at this point.


Well at least one positive feedback... The intro looks good and promises a god game...

...........But delivers disappointment.




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After playing for 4 hours, I agree with your points.

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