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QB3 - Lumbermill vs Mines

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So i got around to "finish" the game by reaching the end of tech and building a employment center. 


While doing so i had a need for quite a lot of wood, stone and some iron (i guess the need for that will rise)

To cover my needs i placed 1 Stone mine and 1 Iron mine but a whooping 5 lumber mills all over the planet.


This is in no balance to each other.

Please consider fixing this in some way.


I would like to see the Lumber Mill replanting trees, of course at a cost.

The cost is the soil quality.

The more trees get replanted the more the soil dies.


The end goal is to have the Lumber Mill produce the same amount of wood as the Mines while being in the same spot.

The soil in the beginning grass, will turn either to desert (empty) or stone (empty) so it has no natural resources.

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