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This guideline will continue to be updated throughout testing. The Most recent update was on:

9:53 AM PST 21 August 2018




QA Tester Guidelines


Hey everyone! Thanks for choosing to help us out and make this game we all love to be the best it can (Yes, it’s PR talk, but it is legitimately true) and I am absolutely grateful for the work you will do. Now, for some serious business.




Bug Reporting:


Every single bug report should include:

  • The Title should include the Version (Currently on QA Build 3)
    • ex. (QAB - 3) Nugget won't stop eating and explodes 5
  • A detailed description of the bug
  • Buildings, behaviors, player actions, and the outcome as they relate to what went wrong
  • Images, video, and audio when necessary
  • Including a save when needed is very helpful
    • To upload a save, you will have to zip it beforehand. If uploading still does not work, put it somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and include a link to download it
  • Reproduction steps that anyone can perform to get the bug (Please please please if you can)
  • When you see a bug, try and reproduce it yourself. If you can and you know the steps, then post the bug so others can confirm it
  • I know this is a bother, but having reproduction steps makes it infinitely easier for us to track down the issue and solve it. Without your steps, I will have to personally go through every report and try and get my own repro
  • If  you need to make a report without repro that is still better than nothing! :D And later if you find repro steps, all you have to do is update the report. Moreover, if you see a report without repro, and you find out the repro somehow, comment your steps and let the OP know! Teamwork is the best work!
  • The severity of the bug on a 1-5 scale IN THE TITLE
  • 1 being unimportant/doesn’t affect gameplay
  • 3 being a bug that causes issues and may adversely affect gameplay
  • 5 being gamebreaking
  • The OS you tested in
  • This is mostly important for Mac and Linux users, but Windows users also include this please. It will take no more than 15 keystrokes :)


  • Add a tag that denotes the progress of the bug
    • The tag should either list it as:
      • Reported
      • Confirmed
      • Fixed
    • You may add other tags if you wish such as the type of bug (NRE, UI, AI and so on)
    • Please update your tickets with the appropriate tags as comments by devs are added



Bug reports should be limited to things you absolutely are certain are not intended. If you find something that isn’t working the way you would expect, or you think may be an unfinished feature, contact me or a dev on discord privately (Not in a general channel) and we’ll work to figure it out.


As a general guideline, it would be great for all of you to communicate with each other about the bugs you find. If someone posts a bug and you have free time, go ahead and do their repro, and comment that you have confirmed the bug happens. If you can’t reproduce it, comment with details about what you did. Working together as a community will help lessen the load for all of us.


Example Report:

Title: QAB - 2 Nuggets Animate eating around rocks (Severity 2)

Severity: 2, doesn't affect gameplay too much

Description: I keep seeing nuggets animating their eating animation around stones. Seems to happen when they are mining, but only in specific cases. For example, it only happens with loan rocks, not stone piles that change the terrain type. See image provided. Also, it seems like if you use telekinesis, you can knock them out of it.



  • Start a new (Normal Mode) game
  • Build an eatery
  • Once an eatery is built, observe nuggets mining
    • They should now be doing the eating animation instead of the mining animation
  • (Optional) use telekinesis while they are animating this way


Features To Be Focus Tested:


  • Era changes
  • Electricity
  • AI Changes
  • Research Changes
  • Engineers Huts
  • Gravediggers
  • Save and Load
  • All Quests
  • Telekinesis resource dropping (Buildings, farm, on land, construction)
  • Tips and Wiki
  • Nugget Shifts
  • Reservoirs
  • Game balance and flow
  • Farms
  • New Engineers zones
  • New hunters
  • Tips
  • Multiple families in tudor houses
  • New cemetery zones
  • Narration
  • New pump and reservoir rebalance


QA Build 3 Specific

  • Creator Mode (Need to have unlocked Tudor houses in Normal mode to get creator mode)
  • Medieval era tech and buildings
  • New Telekinesis
  • New Faith system
  • New notifications
  • New text sizes



Anyone who is experience the nuggets frozen or any other save load issue such as infinite loading, PM me the save, along with a link to the relevant forum post detailing your problem. More likely than not, you're getting an error during load that will help us track it down.


As bugs get reported and updated, I will do my best to keep this list updated. Before posting, please check this list and the rest of the forum, to make sure you aren’t double posting. If you find out that a bug you just found has already been reported, add your report to the comments of that post. You will still get brownie points ;)


Known Bugs:

  • Winter fog disappears abruptly at the end of the season
  • Wolves for Find my Nugget quest can spawn inside the village sometimes
  • Nugget names don't display beyond 7 characters
  • Winter ends abruptly
  • The rowing animation on fishers is wrong
  • Fisherpeople don't row back all the way before leaving their boat
  • Tornado draw order is wrong
  • Loading a game with completed quests, causes the quest notifications to all reappear
  • Music will stop anytime you open a menu
  • Rejuvenation on buildings cause the mouse to be sticky


Known Mac Bugs:

  • Flickering multicolored lights in the huts
  • Shimmering animals
  • Incorrect textures on buildings
  • Le cupidon rainbow is black
  • In normal mode, Buildings appear as soon as ghoster is put down


Features Still Under development

  • Clear Infection Quest
  • Nugget shifts


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. I do want to keep this particular thread pretty clean though, so if you ask a question and I answer it adequately, I will likely then hide your comment so it doesn't clutter the thread. Any questions you want to have discussion about should be carried out in other threads. Thank you!


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Hi everyone, just FYI we're still working on features and will continue polishing experience all August. Our plan was to work on the features by August and most of the August we spent on optimization, bug fixes, improvements and etc. So, be advised that we know that you will come across the bugs. To help us, please provide detailed information about how to reproduce the bug, what can we change to make the particular feature more entertaining and what is not intuitive and etc.


We have a lot of work in front of us and we hope you guys will help us.

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