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Bug Reporting Guidelines

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For anyone doing testing for Goblins of Elderstone (Whether for fun or as a volunteer), it would be amazing if you could follow the below guidelines.


  • For every bug you report, try and include reproduction steps, along with a detailed description of the bug. Please, if you can, test it at least twice and figure out the exact way to consistently get the same bug to happen. It will feel repetitive at first, but it is the only way to make absolutely sure that the person you're trying to explain the bug to understands.
    • Ex. The goblins turn red when two are assigned to the tower. Repro:
      • Build tower with at least 4 goblins in the tribe
      • Assign two goblins to tower
      • Both goblins should now be red
  • Over-explain your report. Even if someone has to read through more text, it's better than having a blank spot that they don't understand that the tester felt was obvious, and then to wait for the tester to get back and explain it.
  • Include images and videos when relevant. I recommend using Gyazo, which lets you take screen caps and MP4s, that are then uploaded to the website. You can either link to the media, or preferably, download it yourself and directly upload it here (This may be less possible with the MP4s depending on size.
  • Include the version you experienced this issue with, whether it is a QA branch, the base branch, or some extra place. 
  • Include a Tag with how important the bug is with 1 being not very important and 5 being gamebreaking
  • Include saves and crash logs when relevant as well


In summary:

  1. Detailed description of the bug
  2. Detailed reproduction steps
  3. Use images and videos when relevant
  4. Include the change version
  5. Include a tag with the severity of the bug
  6. Include a save and/or crash log if relevant


For those of you who have already reported bugs, we super appreciate and hope you'll continue to work and make the game better! 


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