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My experience so far

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I love the game so far and can't wait for the finished product. I've wanted a game similar to Populus for a long time. I haven't encountered any crashes of the game yet which is good.

I've found a few bugs, not anything major but worth reporting anyways. Is there a list of known bugs and added features coming in in future builds?


Some suggestions and thoughts from my gameplay so far:



It takes way to many Engineers to keep your structures up. From mid stages in the game I was spending all my points on "Rejuvenate" to fix buildings.

With 15 engineer buildings and 2 nuggets designated to each of them it was simply not enough.


Creator Powers

  • "Jolt of joy" - Seems way to expensive to me. Costs a 100 points to make 1 nugget happy?
  • "Tornado" and "Windstorm" - The costs of these are 650 and counter intuitive to me. Not only would I be wasting tons of points but also ruin my civilization?
    Also I can only remember once or twice early game where I managed to get past a 100 points. Later game the points generate to slow and I'm spending it all on repairing buildings.



A better description is needed in my opinion for what the benefits are. How much better is an educated nugget compared to the others?
Are the educated nuggets better at all tasks or they just have better traits like might, happiness?



I've seen nuggets almost die from thirst but they are just passing the wells without drinking because they are in the middle of delivering resources and they will not go drink until they finished the delivery.

Buildings - Free worker slots

Maybe I'm blind but at the moment I can't find an easy way to see if any of my buildings have a free slot and I end up going through all buildings to check.
At an early stage in the game it's no problem, but at the later stages when you have a lot of stuff going on I found it hard.

Make it easy to spot either through the "Buildings list panel" by putting an icon indicating a free slot or simply put a flag or icon next to the building indicating free slot.


Mother planet population log

"Show nuggets only with selected character trait"
A description of what these traits mean would be useful. What does it mean if my nuggets have the traits: nibbler, gourmand, immune etc?

If you select a nugget itself and hoover the mouse cursor over the trait, a tooltip is showing up with the description. Please also add a tooltip for the same trait icons in the "Mother planet population log as well"


Buildings - Prioritize

When prioritizing a building to be built the text on the "Prioritize" button should be changed to "Prioritizing" or something similar?
I'm also not sure if this action can be queued? What is actually happening behind the scenes if I click Prioritize on a second building? Is it queued or does the second building now get prioritized and the first building abandoned by the constructors and supporters?


Think that's all I have for now. And thanks for making this game. So looking forward for more content :)



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They most of the things you encountered are worked on for the august steam releas, as they are saying, the education will be needed soon:D and the free slots will probabbly be filled by the AI as your city advances to the later eras:P.


Have fun playing this awsome game!

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Like Serbanescu said, several of these issues have been dealt with and you will see the fruits of in August.


Currently, there is a flag for when a building has no workers at all, but I'll see if we can have it changed to a building has a vacant slot. Or add a new flag. Though no guarantee that would make it into the August release.

The planet log is a good idea, and hopefully we can get that sorted to be more intuitive. 

Prioritization has been changed, so you will see a more dramatic shift in the priorities of your nuggets and they will actually go to your priority building first now :)

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