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Dev Blog: The Universim: Introduction of the Exile Villages

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We hope you had an amazing E3 and took some time to digest all of the delicious game reveals and new info pouring out from its doors. While you were enjoying the show, our team was hard at work developing new features and coming up with crazy design ideas for The Universim. Today, we would like to talk about a feature you’ve been requesting for ages - Exile Villages


Exile Villages will pop up around the planet. These villages will grow alongside your own, eventually threatening and attacking your civilization. We think these villages offer an amazing opportunity to test your Creator Powers. However, you may want to refrain from rushing out to wipe them off of the face of the planet, as they could also offer you something very valuable.


Exile Villages will be formed by Nuggets who have lost faith in you. Certain actions or a lack thereof might cause Nuggets in need to become frustrated and leave. Of course, there will be situations where their demands are completely ridiculous, so it’s almost impossible to please everyone. There could even come a time when you must choose between helping one Nugget or another.

Every Exile Village will have its own population, threat level, and evolution progress, which you can reveal by clicking on them. They will contact your civilization’s leaders with demands or trade offers as time goes by. Refusing or ignoring these messages will, as you can likely guess, end in conflict.


Our design philosophy with The Universim is to give you as much choice as possible, ensuring you have the ability to decide the outcome of almost any situation, either by ignoring it or taking control. We want you to decide how much you engage with and influence the world. We know that many of you enjoy the micromanagement aspects of the game, while others prefer to lean back and watch over their civilization as a silent observer. 

Exile Villages will be making their way into the game sometime after the Steam Release. Please let us know your thoughts on the new system. What kind of interactions would you like to see? Do you have some cool ideas you’d like to share? Don’t be afraid to drop us a comment!



We have plans to begin releasing regular video updates in the future where Alex Koshelkov (founder) or Sasha Shumski (our producer) will talk about recent changes to the game and general news about Crytivo. These videos will be titled the Crytivo Digest, and we will publish them on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel to never miss an update!






Our friends over at Lost Goblin released a great little game a while ago, and they’ve been working hard on tuning the game’s systems and fixing pesky bugs. Goblins of Elderstone is the best it’s ever been, but we need your help to make it even better. We have created forums where you can share your feedback and ideas for the game. The game had a bit of a rough launch on Steam due to a mix up with the Early Access label, so we need to help them recover. They will be adding a whole host of attractive features to entice new players and reward current fans, so be sure to throw your thoughts in as well on what you think should be added. You can check out some videos here to get an idea of how the game plays. We will also be giving away game keys to the most active community members who play the game and offer feedback.

Explore the forums here. 




Just a friendly reminder that everyone who purchases The Universim from the Crytivo Store prior to August 28 will get their name in the game on the backer list monument, available for all to admire. We will begin sending surveys out very soon that will ask for the name you want to add (we want to get the spelling and details right). Read more about this at: https://theuniversim.com/something-special-for-our-supporters


 Oh, and FYI, if you purchase the game from the Crytivo Store any time before the Steam launch, you will also receive a Steam key on 28 August.



Don’t forget to sign-up here for our future updates and giveaways.

Follow our Twitter and Facebook for day-to-day updates.

All the best,
The Crytivo Crew


Article Link: https://crytivo.com/en/news/tu-exile-villages

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Sound's realy awsome, can't wait to test it:D

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On 6/20/2018 at 1:58 AM, Serbanescu said:

Sound's realy awsome, can't wait to test it:D


We are also excited to release it, so everyone can try it :)

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very, very exciting and interesting! Would it be possible to convert a non-believer into a believer and join back to the other civilzation?

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5 hours ago, NeroVice said:

very, very exciting and interesting! Would it be possible to convert a non-believer into a believer and join back to the other civilzation?

I think it's a nice idea.

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In order for this to work there needs to be some fixing done:


1-Impressing Nuggets is too difficult, players have more success giving the cardiac arrest rather than make them a follower.

on my newest save I have 87 nuggets and 27 followers.


2-Actual powers.

The ones in the game do little and most of them are useless if you don't have 50 or more followers generating power points, the entire power point system is terribly flawed. It should be more like Black & White where followers can be sent to the temple and improve power recharging, instead of spending power points.

The powers should have cooldowns instead of requiring points to spend and followers at the temple performing worship would hasten cooldowns.


In addition I was asked to drop by here and give the Developers some of my suggestions.


The villages should be completely autonomous with the Player being able to influence aspects of the village.


Despite usability the research is completely pointless with some of the things being researches in the wrong moments and often far too late, stone and lumber mill for example are far more important than a gas mine, Fishing Nets AFTER electricity is just wrong and historically incorrect, fishing nets were far long before anyone even considered electricity, heck they were invented before GAS MINES.


The changes need to be made to diversify players influence over the Nuggets instead of doing everything for them:

Create Sages (scientists) who will be automatically performing research, in the research window there should be 4-5 tabs to choose from.

Each tab would be specialized in different fields.


Housing and utility like Water Wheels, Wells, Culture, Clothing all should be in a single specialization tab, you could name it HOUSING AND UTILITY.


Fishing, Hunting and farming should be in food acquisition and processing specialization tab along with cooking. Building upgrades for those needs should be available properly.


Resources and Industry tab would contain research about gathering materials and resources like wood, stone iron and gas, with upgrades and improvements.


Science of Order and Peace should not even exist, as a game that revolves around the player GOD there should be a separate window Faith and Order. Within the ORDER tab player selects laws, rituals and important doctrines which will be spread around by Shamans and priests while in the FAITH tab player would have access to check who is your follower, how much power is being generated from passive worship, what powers are available and how to unlock new powers as well as upgrading current powers.

God power should be directly linked to how many followers the player has. At some point the player should be able to erect an IDOL which would help guide the Followers.


The archive should replace graveyard in the function of recording Nuggets that departed.


In the Order tab there should be an option for graveyard for burial or for burning.

The Burial graveyard would grow on it's own without a need for an upgrade while the Burning Ritual would grand a smaller graveyard that would be upgradable to perform nicer ceremonies to make nuggets feel much better when they mourn.


Wrath powers are more like weather powers, Season changing is far too expensive.


Schools have problems, they should be able to accommodate 6-8 young nuggets initially and not just 2, I can understand the need to build more schools but having 2 students when you have 20 kids running around and needing to build more schools because of that is actually counter productive, imagine how much space is being wasted. I'll run out of planet before we get to industrial age. Middle age is already taking half a planet.


There's too much meaningless research with functions being so spread out that most of the time it's better to just build more reservoirs and wells than to waste precious time on research. The following should be consolidated in a single research:

-Water-flow Study, Water Dowsing and Wellshaft Form-work.

-Cooking Utensils, Cooking Oil and Wood-fired Ovens.

-Mortar & Pistil, Education and Biology should result in Building School and unlocking those improvements.

-Divine Punishment, put in in ORDER doctrine

-Pulley System, Reinforced Shelter and Clothing should ALL be a result of Material Refinement.

-Geology and Mining should be a single research.

-Quarries and Logging should be a single research named Advanced Masonry and should be BEFORE Geology and Mining.

-Electricity should END stone age. Housing Upgrades for Stone Hut should be available after Material Refinement, so many buildings get wood lining upgrades except for Stone huts.

-Hunting should automatically enable Watchtowers.



Everything is just too spread out when it should be divided into separate segments, clothing should depend on hunting but it's too far and too late, hunting, fishing and farming should be much earlier, at least hunting and fishing should be earlier.

You should add Scouting as research so Nuggets would improve their searching ability and perhaps even discover interesting things.

The player should only influence the Nuggets and not place all buildings for them, in the research tab the player could pick a research and the Sage would decide if the will follow that selection or not, the more followers the player has the higher the chance of successful influences. If you want to keep power points then make them be generated at a more realistic pace, with initial 5-10-15 followers and even when I had 40 followers the speed of power point generation was incredibly low.


The temple should be interact-able, the player could make sacrifices with trees, animals or even nuggets, all this would influence the religious zeal.


these are just suggestions but the forum is filled with people complaining about too much micro and not enough Nugget Autonomy as was promised. At this rate the game will be released as another Economy game without plot devices and a huge and empty sandbox.

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I had 220 polulation and 16 followers. Not sure how this will work

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They need to implement powers that impress Nuggets and not frighten them to death (literally yesterday a Nugget died when I picked up a Rock to put in his house, so much for impressing Nuggets through quests) and fix the ratio about impressive works. I still don't know who is a believer, the status should have a halo or something, maybe a new bar showing FAITH, the higher it is above half the stronger the belief and more power is generated.

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On 9/8/2018 at 6:33 PM, NeroVice said:

I had 220 polulation and 16 followers. Not sure how this will work


I agree to NeroVice's concern.  This update seems very intriguing; however, there are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out before implementation.  To be completely honest, after doing a few playthroughs, I have a mentality that the Nuggets are doomed from the start, that it's only a matter of time before the population crashes due to nearby resource availability being too low.  In this sense, if this update were rolled out Oct 1, then I would be glad when the Nuggets left, viewing it as a sign of intelligence that they knew they would never have survived under any playthrough anyways, given the imbalance that currently exists.  I realize that features are planned in future releases that may address these imbalances, and my hope is that the developers prioritize such updates before rolling out this exile update.


I barely gain enough followers as it is, even when I do the tasks to get more followers.  I also help building with Telekinesis and that doesn't seem to convince anyone.  I have at most 20 followers at any given replay, and my Nuggets stop reproducing after a while due to the resources being too far away so they are constantly spending time walking long distances.  Reforestation should be implemented first or some means to allow Nuggets to reproduce.  One option would be to create a feature that forces nuggets to prioritize reproducing if the population falls below a certain value, and this feature can be implemented via one of the ministers.  Another option is to allow the erection of multiple epicenters to decentralize the base.  In this way you can make multiple mini-bases amongst which couriers can deliver resources.  I guess the big question is, with so many players already struggling to maintain their nugget population, do we really need yet another way to cut down the population by having Nuggets leave your village?  We can barely get enough as it is, so there needs to be some rebalancing for sure before the new features are rolled out.  


I personally maxed out at 130, but I do admit that other players have gotten farther along, most notably one user at 220 (way to go!).


For the love of all that is holy, please let us plant trees or sustain nearby forests so our nuggets don't die simply by walking to death.  I call this bug "treedeath," because it is a silent disaster scenario you never realize until it is too late.  Once the population starts to deteriorate, other factors like old age compound the issue and, after a point, recovering the population becomes impossible if your base is already too big (requiring them all to take on positions such as engineering, watchtower, rather than acting as laborers).  Nuggets also have a real pathfinding issue that needs to be tweaked because they judge on linear distance rather than actual path length.  So, for example, a Nugget may judge a tree as nearby, even if a lake is between the tree and the Nugget, forcing the Nugget to take a much longer path to the tree of interest.  In that travel, the nugget ultimately spends less time reproducing, and it almost makes you reluctant to throw in a couple same-sex relationships (but the feature is really sweet!).


With the ministry features, I hope that there will be a way to set caps on certain resources, although I must admit having an excess of resources hasn't really been an issue, so that you can make nuggets work more intelligently.  Said differently, I predict that with rebalancing the game there will be problems with warehouses that max out on resources that aren't needed (eg, I noticed in one playthrough I was gaining a ton of food relative to wood and stone, but that my overall resource counts were still low as per usual, and I realized that if rebalancing is implemented, then one day my food excess would be a real problem).  I feel that such a feature would be relatively more simple to implement than the exile update, and more useful as currently I think a lot of players struggle to keep their populations growing.


There needs to be a way to mitigate the damage tornadoes do.  Maybe advanced research could offer a forecast tower upgrade that can show the path the tornado is predicted to take, so that you can set up bunkers intelligently if they aren't present.  Or a god power that blocks the tornado, as presently there is one for creating more twisters.  (Right now, the last thing I feel I need is more ways to demolish my fragile village lol!)  Tornadoes always seem to strike the village surgically well.  The alarms don't seem to work on the Nuggets until the task at hand is completed.  Often, for example, I find myself toggling the fishing piers to force the nuggets to sail in after activating the alarm.  Otherwise, they will continue to fish until they are done fishing, even if the alarm has been blaring for over a minute.  I feel like this is an alarm "bug," and that sounding the alarm should cause the nuggets to drop what they are doing and run to the bunkers.  


@4685578525, I love your suggestions!  I really think that if the developers focus on your concerns first before implementing new features, then the gameplay will balance out much better, making the exile update more enjoyable for sure.

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Yups, some stuff needs to be resolved before the exiles come out from under a rock (pun intended)


To be honest 220 pop is actually easy to make, the problem is this quickly becomes 40 simply because of old age.

I laughed hard recently when I wanted to rejuvenation spell on a sick nugget and used the scroll mouse button to reach it, didn't look at it properly and selected tornado, well, A Nugget was SOMEHOW saved right? RIGHT??


I also wonder if there is a way to mitigate or counter a stray tornado, usually I play the BULL on it and try to push it away with sheer force, throwing rocks at it didn't help, if I could use a fireball and toss at it I wonder if it would become a fire tornado, would be fun.


As for followers, my top highest score was 34 and boy, did the death of old age wiped nearly all of them.

I really think there should be a cap on power points that player can use outright and cooldowns on powers, more followers = faster cooldowns.



There was only one time I was able to use SEASONS CHANGE power, it's freakishly expensive but unusable early on.


Using Trickle effect on crops and fruit makes them regrow but does not work on trees, there should be either a power of regrowth or let Nuggets discover seeding trees, a new kind of farm or placing the farm on forested area could allow growing trees as unique option, could also be enabled by sending nuggets to school and once they get educated and sent to farming in forest areas they discover this option (I'm sticking with changing research into discoveries) and learning to reforest once Lodge is built, add +2 slots 2 peeps will cut trees and 2 will regrow them.


Fish farm is necessary and was also something that our ancestors did in the far past, maybe not in stone age but they did.

I want Pig Farm, Like the ones in Settlers 2, best pig farms ever.


@majik1213 Thank you for your kind words, once a new patch comes out I will look at the contents and see what else can be improved and will of course share it on these forums.

If a game can be better with suggestions from fans it will make it a much better success and the developers will earn more so I think it's all good and a win-win.

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