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First Impressions: Criticisms and Praise

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Let me preface this post with my experience in the RTS/Simulation/City-builder genre to show the games that I am comparing GoE at its core to: Warcraft, Anno, Banished, Rimworld, Age of Empires, Civilization, the entire Impressions Games series (Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Caesar, etc), Sim City, Cities: Skylines, and Tropico.


I want to be clear that I absolutely want to love this game. I see the massive potential it has. But, in its current state (and I understand that it is early in its development), I can only give it a 4/10 after my first six games. It is, sadly, below average with the features and management in the game right now. I may seem like I'm nitpicking on some things but I would rather point them out with the hope of making GoE stand out on the market than to let it fall short of its potential. So, in no particular order or importance, here are some of the things I noticed:


  • At tribe creation it's very hard to see the names of the goblins with white text over light gray background.
  • It's not clear at the start of a new map that the first thing you click on is where the campfire will place itself. My first game my campfire ended up placed in a lake making it so I needed to restart.
  • Out of six games (not including the first failed attempt), I was unable to build a watch tower before winter. Subsequently, I lost half or more of my goblins during the winter to unstoppable skeletons that no one seemed to be able to fight against.
  • Skeletons are incredibly overpowered. I understand there's supposed to be a challenge but even in a Low risk area, I survived the first winter once out of six. That's much too hard and frustrating. The one game I did survive to the second winter on I was met with not just two skeletons, as I had the following winter, but a horde of five or so that wiped out the entire population.
  • The AI does not prioritize survival. I had several peons starve to death with tons of berries available.
  • The Goblins are very weak and die easily, even when they do try to survive. This peon died from cold while getting warm,
  • The newsfeed gives useless information. Knowing who has gone to bed/woken up doesn't seem necessary to gameplay.


There is more that I wanted to bring up but don't have the time to add currently. I'll add it in a follow up post but I wanted to get to the things I do like before I go.

  • Art style. It's very unique.
  • Goblin design. They're very adorkable and endearing.
  • Building designs. Simple yet fitting for goblins.
  • The prospect of Diplomacy with other races. Depending on its implementation it could really give GoE a leg up.


As I said, I want to love GoE and as it stands, I really like it and I want to give it all the support I can.


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I'm not as experienced in this genre as SnorlaxRae is, but I've played enough to know what I'm doing and enjoy the games. My first play-through lasted about 40 minutes and I had to end it and restart a new game as I hit a game breaking bug (see my post in Bug and Issue Reports). My first opinion without holding anything back is: Was there any kind of QA involved in this process yet? I really want this game to be successful and for the devs to do great things with it, but my first playthrough is really bringing me down. 



  • I think this goblin point of view could be rather amusing and enjoyable to play. It reminds me a lot of World Of Warcraft, but GoE seems to be aimed more towards being cute and cuddly. (which isn't a bad thing)
  • The goblins have some cool outfits that help make them standout and you can tell what kind of role they are assigned to.
  • I don't know why, but I really like the bridges between the buildings! :) It's cool to have these little bridges instead of the usual dirt path connecting buildings. It reminded me of an Ewok village.
  • The art style is definitely unique and will make this game standout from other games in this genre.

Bad: (I understand this game is in very early development)

  •  Tutorial is lacking a lot. They start you off building four or five buildings and that's it. This isn't a huge deal because most Early Access games are the same way, but it's still mentionable.
  • Some minor bugs here and there, but encountering a game-breaking bug in my first playthrough is not promising.

This is just my first impression and will continue playing because I feel this game can be something. It has the potential and I hope the devs continue improving and adding to it!


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