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hiatus, state of game

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hello crytivo.

i took a short hiatus from the game since the update for the archive/weather forecast and the game was good back then but the disasters like the sandstorm and piles of corpses were madness couldn't get above 50 nug's.
so i took time off and played some other games hoping the game would go further, which brings me below.


as of 14/06/18 (australian date lol) i have played the latest build and it has come along way, hunting is a good starter as does drip feeding evolution/research whatever it's called and the nug's really simulate suburbs, i had a main hub where the evo tower sat and put the important buildings close to that centre, my nug's started dotting up stone huts in various locations which i helped with a well for drinking on their travels.
the only issue i took was the graveyard.. those nug's really dont like work, case in point village had a few nug's die of old age near/around the eatery and they lay there for about 3/4 in game years (dictating how often summer rolled around) and so i would check my graveyard workers too see whats the issue.. they were busy napping, looking for water despite standing 2 foot beside a well, looking for a mate or mating copious amounts of time...like seriously lol. 

most of the time they just ignored the bodies and went way out of the village to someone who died recently rather than who was already festering, this is probably the only issue that i had saw from an old build that was eerily similer to last year.

aside from the issue above i am enjoying the game alot more, the hunter and upgraded buildings are all working (though at time of writing i couldnt make stone huts/evo tower evolve no matter what resources i had) im liking the more i kept playing the less the village needed of me except maybe more buildings and make sure they had water food and bunkers.

so from me to you crytivo, good job, im glad i took a break and came back seeing the game better than what was, cannot wait in a few more months too see how it shapes up come the age above stone.

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