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Bug report new pach (of today)

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please, arrange the bug report command on the game.
if not for 3 lines of bug report I have to open a discussion every time.
and maybe even add screeenshot or video.


let's move on to the bug reports



-as soon as I created the game, even if I lost a few minutes, some nuggets became waterless.
there is not yet a well of water or another construction to quench one's thirst.
well one of these has pearly gone back and forth into the lake to die soon thereafter.

another was without aqua, and even though there was a well near it ... he went around like a fool.

then I gave him a job at the restaurant and he recovered.

Is not that the new water research system still has some problem?
or did you want to give an idea of "going crazy for thirst"?




-I saw a fishing canoe go forward in a vertical axis instead of a horizontal one, arrived on the spot it was re-stabilized.


-when you select the watchtower it would be nice to see the circle, so one can place them in the right distance


-you took off the launch in the nuggets' space ... bad guys ..


-I do not know how to tell you. see a restaurant chef, who goes to drink in the restaurant on the other side of the huts instead of in his or in the nearby well .... it seems ridiculous.


-I was stuck to the mouse a dead nugget I picked up. I can not release it

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I was about to report exactly the same bugs and same remarks ;-)

Thanks Jerrychan.


And good luck to the developers !

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