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Main update server moved to USA

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Dear players!


We moved our main update server (https://edge.theuniversim.com) to the USA. We hope it will help to resolve downloading problems for the most of users.


This is the first step in the Crytivo`s update infrastructure changes - we are moving to multiple update servers architecture, we plan to have at least 2 servers in USA and 2 in Europe in the near future.

If you are from the Europe and downloading speed is slow for you, right now you can manually change your main update server to the eu-edge.theuniversim.com. We recommend to use https protocol, however http still will work. To do this change, locate the file named version.txt near the launcher executable and open it in any text editor (like Notepad or Notepad++).


Find the line


url = https://edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/


and change it to


url = https://eu-edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/


Next patcher`s update will be able to determine the fastest update server for you without those changes.


Please, post here any questions related to those changes.

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Awesome, thank you so much for doing that!

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