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To be or not to be

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That's not a question....in this case that is >_>

From the very beginning, you should be faced with two choices.. To be a god who watches or a god who acts.

If you choose to be the observant god, Who interferes little in the role of the nuggets evolution, They will exist as another species and for a short time riddled with funny news events that have no real impact on the rest of the game they eventually evolve into nuggets..who then build their own smaller tower as they begin to advance... which will require them to build and research on their own.. constructing based on their need and desire....and eventually researching after so many accidents, lack of needs or bright nuggets ideas. The evolution/research rate is heavily reduced for a longplay type of scenario.. Many other ideas can come from this such as monkeys square wheel invention.. such things the penalty for being absent, but eventually work themselves or if they dont kill them selves first some how.

If you choose to be the present interacting god, You place the tower and through intelligent design you bring life to the nuggets...they understand this in the beginning..will write about you for ages to come anchoring you into their beliefs ( that is unless you later become absent, Taking them about 3-4 new generations to become atheist or something such as that) eventually limiting you to manipulation of the elements and loss of power over their minds...if you are TOO PRESENT catering to their every desire and holding their hand so often they end up repair less buildings, constructing less buildings doing stupid acts such as jumping off cliffs to fly or acting as if they can not be hurt because they think you wont let them die, this be would a result of constantly using god powers like healing and hold their hand actions...

There is another path i was thinking of as well, is the In between method of using "Prophet" systems, where you select the "Chosen one" to spread your will and design without truly interfering. I kind of really dislike the whole drag and drop base building system used for constructing buildings... makes it more of a RTS, especially when wars and conflicts come about.. but i would like to see if you choose to place the evol tower and have total influence from the beginning you have enough power over their minds and belief in you to have the ability to plop buildings down and they all just hivemind to build it...If you have that much power over them a prophet is not needed so much but should have at least some function... This would also introduce gameplay adding a struggle to maintain the belief within you as their god when things go wrong or you have been careless... you can have riots, fights can break out among the nuggets because of beliefs.

Also not sure if it's planned but a high chance of other clans of nuggets spawning from the start if you are only observant, who may work with or attack the other clans upon discovering them..... if you place the evol tower it will not be until you have some dissent brewed up that other sections of your nuggets society break off or they wander off and build on the other side of the map...your followers can also be exiled if the non believers are the more powerful ones..

These are just suggestions, Any input to improve or anything similar anyone had in mind is welcome =]

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