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threeheaded monkey

What do you think about research?

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1 hour ago, threeheaded monkey said:

Was just reading through  the Kickstarter pitch of the Universim again after a really long time...




*sigh* lol



As i said. ;-) You can't have both. Pray to Mammon or Gaia ;-)  Or to nobody... ;-) Decisions are good. If you can of course specialize. But we'll see what reseach topic plops up by accident until August...

They pretty much changed everything written down in the Kickstarter page. So I'd not copy from there. Let's ask a crystal ball: :-)


My crystal ball shows me bad ratings in Steam Early Access for a god game without a god and a bright future for two point studios reviving a hospital game from bullfrog. My visions end in a mist. 


The future is not set in stone.
Shape your future day by day.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb Kerby84:

My visions end in a mist. 


That's it? What I am not paying you for then? Gnaha.

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So we'll see if all our feedback (and some had great ideas... I'm speaking of any ideas not mine...) is somehow included and the game is defined at least in August. I hope so....

Internal discussions in the team are good @AKoshelkov but why don't discuss openly in the forums what is planned? But that's just my opinion.


And NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) are pretty shabby for a Kickstarter funded game that would not even exist without the community. If you're a fortune 500 developer like EA and others... Sure... it's common but nobody likes EA so who cares. Just a thing to think about... 


Why not a dialog in the forums  like:


Crytivo: Hey you had good ideas... we have a different one... what do you think about this or that research system

(alex could provide some sketches like @Eapple1145 did to visualize the idea in a quick way) and the whole community could say...

Community: hey great idea or... no that's not the best solution... maybe if we change...


What happened to the Community lab? it was a point in this direction... but it vanished.

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I don't mind the random options all that much, personally, but I do have a few pieces of criticism:

1.) The timers aren't based on real time. Or rather, they only are when using the slowest game speed. I think it would make more sense if increasing the game speed adjusted the time left, or at least gave the user the option of which way to present it.

2.) I found that the game practically compelled me to go for skills I didn't really want. For example, I wasn't going to do anything with wells - instead using pumps and reservoirs - but the well skills wouldn't go away when the screen refreshed. It would be nice if I could mark a skill as unwanted, to not be presented with it for at least a while (increase the rarity of the skill showing up for each time I dismiss it) and maybe even let us occasionally refresh everything manually.


3.) I think that some traits should come with actual negatives, rather than being pure skill ups. For example, instead of needing to drink less water from one skill, have it say that I extract more water from my food (like how in real life, cats are adapted to survive in deserts because they can extract water from their food completely, which is why cats that eat dry food are prone to urinary tract infections). A consequence of this would be that I'd have to eat more of a particular kind of food, and preserving it with dehydration would not be compatible with it. Obviously, with the game's food system, it wouldn't keep track of food type in consumption, but it could in production of water.  A simpler example would be movement speed: Let the nuggets move faster, but at the expense of stamina. They can transport goods more easily between locations, but tire more easily doing work. Or maybe another version of needing less water involve them being less active - so they require substantially less water, but move slower as a result. Traits that boost strength would have the consequence of needing more food and water to sustain - so while they are better and better at hunting larger game for food, and fending off predator attacks, they need to eat more to sustain that strength.

When skills have actual consequence for taking, that makes for a more compelling game-play experience, although if you went that route I think I'd prefer a tech tree after all. The randomness does deter me from directions I'd prefer to take, after all. The matter of rareness could instead be related to research times, with simple multipliers the deeper down a tree line you go.

4.) I'm confused by the, well, lack of any new skills after a point. In my game it says "More coming soon!" but I can't tell if that means there's some other kind of timer in the game, or if it is literally the limits of development.


Now, what I liked far more than this, was when the Nuggets built a church and send you God Mail. That reminds me of "Bruce Almighty", but seems rather innovative for a God Game in general. I also thought it was hilarious how certain prayers got marked as spam. That could use cleaning up though. For example, I never got a notification when a prayer came in, and when I complete a request their response goes to spam instead of an indented reply, which I'd expect. It overall makes me think of a good god, evil god, type of development which could loop back to the availability of certain skills to research. For example, if I go around smiting people on request, but don't care about finding lost children, the development of my nuggets could end up more war like, and I could research skills for demonstrating strength at a lower cost (or have a higher chance of getting, if still random in final build) while skills better for supporting them would be more expensive and/or have a lower chance.

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Lucky for you @Elliander, the research system has been totally reworked. We except you'll like it more given the criticism you've laid out :)

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