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what do you think about this new mechanics to the new medieval era?

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hello, I'm pedro, a pleasure, in this post I want you to give me your opinion on several mechanics that I've been thinking about for the medieval age, concepts that if they could be implemented (at least I would like very much) would be pretty good.

I thought about these mechanics in relation to several adapted and modified concepts for this game coming from strategy and management games.

at the moment they are three main mechanics based on the historical veracity adapted to the game. (all are actually related to each other for the progress of the game)

-the first mechanics is a exploration mechanic
that may be related to the mechanics of migrations.
to give it more playability, it could include a mechanic of fog or terra incognita in the whole planet, with what to discover the world and its resources, the nuggets will have to get inside the fog to discover that terrain (the fog will appear once you have built the evolution tower, and it will be revealed automatically once a nugget gets inside)

with this mechanics can be implemented a building of medieval age (possible name, exploration agency) and a new technology to implement this building

-the second mechanics is the continuation of the phase of the fog, is the implementation of civilizations governed by the AI with which you can interact in different ways, you could ally with them, finish them and trade with them.
once uncovered you can do the following diplomatic actions

1: non-aggression pact

2: mutual defense pact (in which the two civilizations defend themselves in case one enters into war with the other)

3: commercial treaty (in which you would open a window with which you could change resources or precious materials that would have in the stores)

4: share maps (so you can discover the territory explored by your "friend" and also he will know yours)

5: migration pact (with which people from your civilization can move to live in your friend's and vice versa, so it can benefit or harm you)

6: war

7: create a federation (the nuggets of a civilization with very good relationship and yours will create a union like the European Union for example) in which resources will be shared and people can live in any civilization of the federation)

three possible new buildings, embassy (to carry out diplomatic actions)
military or training field (a nugget will be put on as a trainer and will prepare the nuggets in case of attack, with space for up to 6 nuggets to train) and the fortress (building where up to 6 nuggets will be placed to defend it and there will be a space of 50 nuggets not prepared for combat to hide in case of attack).

New mechanics for the towers, not only defended beasts, but attackers of other civilizations.

Mechanical just thought: the towers can join forming a wall or palisade, the attacking nuggets can destroy these walls with more or less difficulty depending on the material with which they are manufactured (stone or wood).

4 technologies (one for the embassy, another for the training field, another for the fortress and finally one for the implementation of the walls

-the third mechanic is the continuation of these two in the development of the game and is the furthest from the beginning of the game, is the mechanics of commerce (previously discussed in the diplomacy section) and extraction of precious materials.
this mechanics includes the geologist profession already thought by the developers. but it gives a new use, that of the research of possible areas of precious materials for different uses.

This mechanics is what really makes trade between civilizations more feasible without having to exchange resources with them.

Once you have discovered an area, you can send the geologist to investigate that area in search of 4 different materials, which are the following

precious stones

Once these reserves are found, 4 mines (one for each material) can be implemented and their extraction can begin

gold, silver and copper can be used to melt and make coins, which can be exchanged for resources of other civilizations, while precious stones can be sold directly and with little quantity, many resources can be extracted.

possible new buildings (mine of gold, silver, copper and precious stones (all of two occupants) mint (ability to convert raw minerals into coins (space for two occupants)

two new technologies

for the moment these are the three main mechanics that would give a new vision to the game (if you want to contribute with new ideas or improve existing concepts, please comment)

a pleasure and until the next, goodbye

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Definitely some very interesting concepts here. I personally like the idea of a 'fog of war'. I think this would be best played out in the Creator Mode. Can't see where you place the Epicenter and you have to just deal with what you get.


Keep the ideas coming... always great to see how everyone else would like to see things.



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You described settlers or every rts building game with fog of war. You even described some elements of Civilization.


If the main mechanic in the advertised concept of The Universim is still the same -


6 hours ago, katherine.ftw said:

This is supposed to be a god game. 

The Universim is a god game. It's not at the moment of course it's a RTS game at the moment and development direction seems to go straight to RTS city builder... so @(KG XST) PEDRO GAMER TV I understand your ideas to implement more RTS mechanics.... but I don't like the idea. not because your idea is bad. It isn't of course. But The Universim was advertised as god game. Not as another rts game. There are so many RTS games on the market. The Universim claimed to be a outstanding revival of the god game genre. There even is a stoneage city builder game in development which looks great. Ancient Cities  So no. I don't want The Universim to be another "who cares about the game" city builder rts game. The uniqueness of The Universim needs to be the focus on the god game genre.


We have a stoneage tribe to begin with. They need to learn to protect themselves from nature and wild animals. God does not play a role here. You're right.

@AKoshelkov What lies behind this decision? What's planned Alex? We're still a spectator more or less and have no influence at all. Adding some new powers for a god does not help. Please take a look at the topic and it would be great to discuss with the devs and ohter The Universim players openly in the topic: What Do You Think About Research about your vision for The Universim. Do you vision The Universim as a RTS city builder civilization game with some add on spells for a "god" or something else. 

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vor 5 Stunden schrieb Kerby84:

The uniqueness of The Universim needs to be the focus on the god game genre.


The reason why I was supporting the Universim was the idea of  an over-outstanding revival of that genre after being cheated by THAT british game designer.


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