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I started the game up like normal and went to play my current save. I was in windowed mode so I could swap between Facebook and The Universim. I noticed that the population number was frozen at 60, with 1 baby. But I had about 5 baby Nuggets born, as well as a Nugget die. The game wasn't paused or anything so I didn't know why it was happening. I also noticed that to click things in windowed mode I had to be slightly underneath the button so I decided to go into fullscreen which magically fixed the population number! So I'm thinking it might be an issue with windowed mode, maybe. I also noticed after the fact that the God Power number had also frozen, but I hadn't realised at first because it seems to go up slowly so I don't pay attention to it very often... unless I need to use a God Power, of course! I tried reporting this in-game but the bug report screen gives me an error. (The issue has already been posted in this bug section, and I have replied saying I have the same issue) :)

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