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Alex Koshelkov

Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

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I'd like to have somewhen a list of buildings to priorize which kind of building should shut down first, second, third ... last as soon as there isn't enough water to provide all the buildings.

For example: as soon as their isn't enough water I'd like to shut down a forcast tower, archive, school etc sooner than a farm or even the wood cutters which are necessary for building new pumps. And I don't like to search every single building I wan't to shut down for a while. And then search again for reactivation ...



Hire and fire management


I'd like to have a application sheet: a list of all kind of buildings I already built and a sheet where I can specify the nugget minimum requirements to work there.

For example a sheet where I can specify that stone mines should only hire nuggets with a might above 10 and a simple school degree.





I'd also like to have a basic statistic about my resource income. Right now I see total numbers of every kind of resource I have. But - do these resources increase or decrease over time as long I don't change everything? Am I good and is everything balanced or do I need an infrastructure change?

For example: coloring the total number of food red could show me that as long I don't change anything I'll end up with zero food. Coloring the total amount of stone green will show me, that I already built too much mines and I could close some the save planet resources.

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On ‎19‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 2:04 AM, AKoshelkov said:


What do you think should become more automated as your civilization develops? How much micromanagement should remain?

First of all, keep up your good work! Both on development and on PR, your masterful approach makes me assume that people would start spelling Molyneux with a K... ;)

To answer I'd say that I'd prefer every aspect of the game as  automated with an option to be switched into a micromanaged one.
I believe it would allow a broader game experience and a lenient learning curve to those who did not support through the early phases of development.
I'm thinking of gameplay styles in which a player decides to intervene with the world only in a certain set of situations - to (overly)simplify my point I'd say that in games distant worlds one may opt to play as the minister of foreign affair by allowing the civilization one plays to run itself, trade on it's own, design ships on its own and fight for it's own - the only impact of the player would be the consequence of diplomatic affairs. Those restrictions are easily negated by a game menu through which the player setup the level of automation the expected to follow.

I believe that such a system would allow each player to tell a very unique story and I would look forward to read about such adventures here. :)
I will try to add Distant Worlds' automated action menu to clarify my ramblings...


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On 3/19/2018 at 5:48 AM, AKoshelkov said:


Another challenge we have is we want to keep you guys entertained and busy, if Nuggets will do all job we need to make sure that you still will have something to do in the game. We're not developing nice screensaver yah know :)



This is where I feel we are going wrong with this game. Like I feel more like I am a kindoff mayor of a little nuggettown right now, more like I am a God. "The Creator" of the world should only teach the nuggets how they do stuff. They have to learn to do things themselves as well, so I feel like maybe when they become more like a functioning society they for example elect leaders that can decide what to build. And for example research that lets them build more and more for themselves. For example "Infrastructure engineering" which hires nuggets to decide what to build of water, wells and such. Because I loved what I thought this game would be like, which primarily is less micromanaging societymanager, and more godgame. 

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As a God game your more focused on the bigger picture than trying to micromanage. That's basically the whole point. You plant your seeds and watch your flock grow. You do your best to influence the path they take but overall the nuggets have do things themselves. You can use your Godly powers to help them in certain ways, like if the lakes are drying up you can create rain. If they cut down too many trees maybe you can cast a miracle and regrow a forest for them. Since you've implemented this gene system you can steer their evolution by helping them move faster, or increase strength, or new abilities and maybe as you change their DNA the appearance of your nuggets change. If you don't like what your nuggets are doing you use your powers to instill fear and force them to worship you more or punish nuggets for doing stuff you don't want them to do. Hell if you feel like it you make the sky burn with meteors or summon tornadoes and watch as these forces destroy everything your nuggets built for the fun of it. Its your choice as a GOD! What you guys should check out is an awesome god game called "Black and White" and take examples from that. If you can implement some concepts from that game into yours I think Universim can become something truly amazing. 


Here's a link to some game play of Black&White if anyone wants to check it out. http://bitly.com/2ucce0Y



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Not gonna lie, I despise micromanagement beyond a simple scale. It's why I can't stand the RTS genre. I think a good idea may be to base the level of micromanagement needed off a difficulty level. In Civilization V I find that when I set the difficulty lower, I can ignore the more complex micromanagement systems while still being engaged by the game's core systems. Something like that would be nice, giving players who want little micromanagement, players who love to handle every little aspect, and everybody inbetween a fun experience.

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I think more Automation is going to be important, especially the rate the Nuggets reproduce. 

It might also be better to have them auto assign themselves to a building that needs Nuggets. 
Usually, with so many Nuggets, I have to micromanage my farms for food, wells and reservoirs.  Followed by managing the construction of industrial needs from refineries to engineer huts.  But with so many things being done, I forgot which buildings need/have Nuggets working.


As a thought: To help control the population growth, why not have the Nuggets get 'frisky' during the Spring?  But if you need more pop faster, the God player can designate a couple to 'couple'.


Going back to Micromanagement for a second...the way Nuggets randomly place their huts.  What about having their A.I. construct a new Hut that is closer to their job?  This way they won't have far to travel.  It can also add a new level of strategy for placing commerce, food and water. 
As they evolve into the Medieval stage, what if some of the Nuggets get together to start work on multilevel houses?  That can be a new item to research in development.  It could even be an UPGRADE option to pre existing Huts, making them a permanent structure. 


When I think of Micromanagement and the concept behind the game I think back to the title Black & White by Lionhead Studios.  Where they assigned worshipers to a task.  But more importantly, where the Player would get the resource for the people and deposit them.  This helped speed up resource gathering and construction. 

So why not have somethign similar, where the Player as a God, gathers things from Stones, Trees, Water, Food, etc. and deposits them into either the warehouse, Silos or refineries for faster resource management?


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On 3/20/2018 at 6:06 AM, MatthewTheKnight said:



I agree with this, we need more buildings for the stone age but I disagree with your anger

I don't think we should have more buildings, at least not to place. I think that any buildings beyond what is currently in the game, should be built and managed by the nuggets themselves. I think we should only have control over the most basic of buildings. In fact, I would appreciate it if we had even fewer buildings to place than we do now.

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6 hours ago, Theophilus said:

I don't think we should have more buildings, at least not to place. I think that any buildings beyond what is currently in the game, should be built and managed by the nuggets themselves. I think we should only have control over the most basic of buildings. In fact, I would appreciate it if we had even fewer buildings to place than we do now.


It depends on what Crytivo thinks about God games... It's true that you're  a God and not a mayor but... let's be real, if you wanna be a real God, you can't interact with the world haha (See our Gods...if they exist haha) 


I slightly agree when you say that Nuggets should build more buildings but... I don't want a fully automated game...that'd be boring...I don't want this game to turn into a "Disaster management" game... There are already a lot and it becomes boring so far...

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God game or RTS with planets?


Games are all about the agency the player has.  In no other artistic medium does the audience place so central a role in execution of an idea.  A game doesn't really exist except while being played.


The Universim advertises itself as a unique game. This is sort of a space enabled remix of Black & White or a non-evolutionary take on Spore.  Just due to development we only see the early parts.  We have not seen the 4X elements yet (Explore Exploit Expand Exterminate) yet so any commentary on the long space-age level game is speculation.


Eventually the church building is going to need some nuggets assigned to interact with their God.  I would recommend that this be used to create an automation interface where you can delegate how much and which tasks you want to micromanage.  Give the user something to do besides answer or ignore Godmail.

Eventually the church, not the evolution tower, should become the center of attention.


Agency is about choice and consequences.  Set the automation based on social progress.  Also set it based on user play style. Tie the function of these to how well or poor the nuggets see their God. 


I know that tossing corpses around quickly results in a death-world statue.  Leaving happy nuggets to do their thing or firing off the building repair / healing hand gets a Tree of Life growing in the God Status Garden.  Decide what this means for the automatic policies you can or will allow the player to use.  Perhaps a death-world cannot automate corpses or heal buildings or build bunkers.  Perhaps a Garden world has discounts on love spells and lake refills but has to trust that gravediggers are doing their jobs.


At this point there is not much to micro-manage(1) unless you really want to dig into matching nuggets to their jobs.

  • Automatic placement of new wells or water wheels
  • Enable and disable of used or unused buildings
  • Toggling restrictions on education level or properties for buildings
  • Suggest new buildings to zone
  • Create forbidden areas that nuggets cannot travel through

The game could help a lot by creating a 'recommended' nugget list for a building so you could shuffle assignment.  Then let the church leaders implement that if the player has research the correct item.


Currently mother world has puddles or lakes.  There are no rivers, glaciers, ice caps or tectonics(2).  We don't even have volcanoes in the game, yet.   And what weird worlds will we find?  Those will require research.  Good to handle you first few times but then you will want the ability to automate that away as your nuggets grow in space-faring skill.


Eventually we will need multi-family residences, firefighters and ports.  If the current system is employed the gameplay will be a sim-city clone where the player dictates zoning all day.  Eventually it might grow to be a clone of Planetary Annihilation with armies at work among the planets.  But none of these are God games.


1. Beware descent into spreadsheets.  Min/maxers will always cheese whatever mechanism is provided.

2. Triggering an earthquake to destroy buildings like in Populous isn't handled by the Wind Storms.


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What drew me into interest for this game was the trailer, which suggested a highly interactive, but not a micromanaging simulation. If this is going to live up to that trailer, I really feel as though micromanaging needs to become a lesser or less important aspect of the game both in the end game and in the beginning.


I downloaded the demo, played it out and then looked up a few YouTube videos of the most recent patches/versions to determine whether I wanted to invest in the kick-start. So far, I am not too impressed. Right now, it is a blend between Banished and Age of Mythology, where you are guiding the growth and development of a village at a micro level and then using a few god-powers to give your village an advantage. I love resource management, but if I am going to play a "god" game, I do not want to spend my time managing resources at a micro level unless I want to. I certainly want the option, because I am still quite a control freak, but I do not want to have it as an essential or crucial part of my gameplay.


I would like to see the ability to determine what they can learn, but not be required to build the village for them in any sense. Key being "required."


Those are my thoughts currently. I am going to keep an eye on this, because I know it is still in development and I am not just throwing in a "this game is gonna be a disappointment" towel. I am very interested to see where this goes.

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When it comes to micromanaging I think it's good at the current stage. But indeed, as we advance, get more technologies and more structures it will be harder to keep track of everything without some kind of automatization.


I would suggest less micromanaging the further your civilization progress, like for example they might place structures themselves. But to not make it run entirely by itself you are there to place zones where they are more likely to place certain structures. Like for example industry zones, commercial zones, residential zones etc. However I would love to see more specific zones so you can control where nuggets build for examples fishing huts and water pumps etc. This would give you more control over your civilization and if not managed properly you can still lose lots on it, rather then the nuggets never having setbacks cause they manage everything on their own like ants.


So automatization is good, but as we progress I would like to see a new way of controlling your Civilization. Perhaps controlling their ethics and if my civilization will care for the environment or not care at all, that kind of thing (militaristic, religious, adventurous etc.). I'm not sure if we will see some kind of currency in the game, but if we will, the power to chose where the money is spent(renewable energy, research, space, sea, oil etc.). A fully automated civilization would be no fun and most people would probably get bored quickly after reaching that stage (I know I would). So what I mean to say is that we need something that more or less force us to take care (and control) of our civilization or something bad will/might happen. They need guidance!


Also, as stated, auto assigning nuggets to buildings will probably be very useful when you get more structures. I would like to see a way of choosing which nuggets that will be auto-assigned through for example distance and perks.

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I have thought about centering the idea of the new era on exploration, trade and diplomacy (since, if I remember correctly, on twitter you had put a survey on civilizations of the IA and 75% more or less wanted that implemented)

also, with the mechanics of migrations and the geologist that are in the roadmap, several mechanics could be implemented


1: to implement the mechanics of civilizations of the AI with which to do diplomacy, trade or wars, these actions would be done depending on the relationship and / or reputation you have with the civilizations discovered. The actions that I have in mind are:


1: non-aggression pact


2: mutual defense pact (in which the two civilizations defend themselves in case one enters into war with the other)


3: commercial treaty (in which you would open a window with which you could change resources or precious materials that you would have in the stores)


4: share maps (so you can discover the territory explored by your "friend" and also he will know yours)


5: migration pact (with which people from your civilization can move to live in your friend's and vice versa, so it can benefit or harm you)


6: war


7: create a federation (the nuggets of a civilization with very good relationship and yours will create a union like the European Union for example) in which resources will be shared and people can live in any civilization of the federation)


2: to make the mecanic of migrations / explorations more nteresting, introduce a mechanic after installing the epicenter, a fog mechanic or what is known as terra incognita in other games and in the 16th century, which for to discover that terra incognita, the nuggets have to get into the fog or send an exploration team (which, as it appeared in the game presentation wn kickstarter, would resemble space exploration, but this time, in the mother planet


3: a mechanics of strategic or valuable resources for trade
materials such as gold, silver or precious materials such as diamond, jade or sapphires
they could be perfect materials like change of resources with discovered civilizations and gold and silver could be used to make coins to change them for resources, or in a more distant future, to use them for microchips in the modern age.

these deposits could be discovered with the geologist, that you could mark an area to investigate and if you find a material, great, and if not, look for another area. The aforementioned materials could be classified into 4 types.

precious stones


a single thing that I would like to change the game like this is now the theme of the stone mine and the couriers house


1: the stone mine I would like to be put on the whole planet and not only in the rock areas since the mother planet is a rocky planet and has its realism that in all areas of the planet stone can be extracted (although It could be implemented that the stone quarry in grassy areas of 40% of the stone that would give in the stone areas)


2: the curiers house is not very efficient because it lacks staff and can not cover all transports in a large civilization, so I would like that at least 4 nuggets could be in the building

I hope you have liked my ideas and that they are very useful for the development of the game, a greeting and bye; 3

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Wasn't the original idea a Sim Earth type game? :/


Edit: Honestly, to expand upon this; if I wanted Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld, Banishes or whatever. I'd go play those. While I feel some level of interactivity and influence is require to keep it interesting, that void is better filled by a personality and policy system. Say, I want my followers to believe in (X). The Citizens may interprate that differently and civilizations will develop indipentantly, maybe with these interpretations.


Basically, I don't want Rimworld (Or I'd go play that) but I also feel B&W is too...... Awkward....

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Honestly some improvements to the management of these tiny little broccoli looking people would come in the form of simple stuff. things like removing the decay on stone huts so that engineers don't waste time with garbage buildings when you need them to focus on upgrading your important ones. I mean it's a  hut made of rocks ya? 


Job systems that are effected by the weather IE:Fishing and winter should become intelligent and automatically switch to labour class when winter sets in. 


The graveyard is neat but never really feels effective in providing the service. maybe actually giving us like 2 workers there to start and 2 each upgrade would help? or just have that system implemented in the next era and have the cave broccoli just bury there own dead in rock piles or something.......they could even get dug up by archaeologist broccoli later. OH or just give the grave guy a cart? because then he can pick  up a few dead people? and then add one new guy with a cart each upgrade?


The Currier Nuggits need to come into play a bit earlier and let there building be built and upgraded just like the engineers.


A bit more control over marriages would be cool but only if we could breed for stats and also have those stats affect different tasks.


Lastly Screw GodMail, you can keep it as a fun HAHA thing where the nuggets send us dumb fluff jokes but truly i never click on that building because like a real god i don't care if my people are happy or what they think. also this system is just dumb, i don't want to play wheres waldo for some stupid little nugglet that at the end of the day will just die of old age and be replaced any way....

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PLEASE let us manage the huts! The game just shoves them any old place making for a very messy city

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Having just played through this game to the end of the consumable content, I feel like "nugget freedom" should occur in the early to mid medieval times and the gods tasks should shift from building position and micromanagement tasks to larger orders. 

Unlocking via research the player should no longer have to:

  • Place buildings such as farms, refineries etc.. (excluding major NEW structures the player unlocks)
    • Maybe each type of auto placement should be unlocked via research
  • Assign nuggets
  • Deal with unfilled position

The player should have new tasks to preform like

  • Expansion location assignment
    • Instead of placing each building the player should choose when and where the civilization attempts to expand
  • Cultural conflict resolutions
    • Choose which type of culture wins a war by helping with your godly powers
    • Influence farther cultural presence via research choices
    • Should your nuggets be good or evil? It is the player's choice based on their cultural actions
  • Exploration
    • Send nuggets to explore and find a brave new world via the sea, the land, and in the far future in space. 
  • Science choices
    • Crossroads in science should start appearing after medieval times, once you make your choice you can't go back.
    • Study plants animals and learn from them for future buildings and farther research. (player chooses which animal to study and if the research should be kept.
    • Astronomy: Learn about the other planets, in more detail as your civilization evolves or see what your civilization discovers about the other planets as they evolve and guide them to particular areas of their the sky.


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Nugget should move more fluidly.
I like to build the building myself, but I want to build it or offer it to me if I need it.
I would also like to have nuggets representing friendly nurses, representatives, or kings.
As the number of nuggets increases, it becomes more difficult to manage them individually.
I want to put a smarter, smarter nugget on my right.
I also need a way to deal with the body that was born after Nugget died.
I do not know if my version is alpha, but after death Nugget turns from body to black and body is not removed.
There is a graveyard. But my lumps do not move the body there, whether or not the cemetery is too small.
Finally, I want to have a powerful and meaningful ability of God. For example, if you temporarily increase food production, water consumption is lost for a certain amount of time, or you call for reinforcements to help the wolves come to attack my nuggets. Lastly, it is a way of covering or shielding a barrier to prevent natural disasters.

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Two MAJOR things i think need automation to remove the micromanagement.


Houses auto-destroying. I was playing for a few hours, going slow and enjoying myself. Then i realized, despite a population of 130 i had an AWFUL lot of houses. Clicking around, i saw several empty ones i had to destroy manually. I guess maybe have the Nuggets either move into them, or destroy them/stop maintaining them when they're uninhabited to prevent the user from doing so? because it takes up space, causing nuggets to build new homes further and further out. Which means you have to build infrastructure further out towards their homes to decrease downtime. 

Follower/Believer gathering. So this is something i get, is part of the game, getting little Nuggets to believe in you. But starting medieval era i think it'd be cool to see the rise of churches, priests and such could bring followers to you. However (because i like pro's and cons) certain nuggets may not like it, thus also increasing the chance someone leaves to go join that settlement in the corner that shuns yours. There's plenty of things that could be implemented to this. Like mass, reduced Creator Point generation over time, but every now and again you get a lot in a short time span, whenever the church holds mass. (During mass there'd also be no progress for a short time frame until they're back out.) Just suggestions but still while trying to manage other things like water supply, i can't be bothered to pay attention to who believes in the guy sitting in his underpants and furiously clicking away while shouting "Come on nuggets! Build it bigger! Build it faster! before the tornado comes!"

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