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Pardon the dust!

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Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed things are changing around the forums! While we re-structure and do a bit of clean up you might notice some sections becoming locked or even disappearing altogether! Some of these sections will become unlocked and return, others will not.

For now, there are a few new key places for you to check out


Under the new "Crytivo Store" section



Under 'Games'

  • The Universim The game that started it all! discussions, bug reports, fan art and much more can be found here
  • Goblins of Elderstone  Gather around the campfire and discuss tribe life with your fellow goblins
  • Cefore EXPLOSIONS and puzzles.
  • Prehistoric Kingdom Life..uh... finds a way!
  • Other Games Games we are still in the process of publishing or setting up!


Under 'Community Discussion'


We've also changed a few settings and altered how the form works

  • Crytivo staff will now have their responses and posts highlighted so you can be sure you're talking to a staff member.
  • Removed a lot of the clutter
  • polished the shiny stuff
  • cake?


We'll continue to polish up the forums and make your experience here better in the coming weeks. So be sure to check back, and if you find anything amiss, let us know!

~ CM Mirror


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