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"Find" quest not operating as expected ??

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Playing in the Pumpkin Patch, I notice that no matter how good I am at finding the missing nugget (and there's a few issues there), game doesn't register that I DID find them, even as I'm ferrying them home using god powers. I've actually had nuggets die in my arms and the timer still runs as if I never found them at all. 


I think there needs to be more understanding about HOW one is supposed to "do" this quest. Things I've tried that definitely did NOT work:


     - Finding them, picking them up, and taking them to the prayer chapel doesn't work - they die in transit (fear? physics? who knows!)

     - Attempting to "herd" them without picking them up (they just ignore the light and all effects not wrathful... wait, am I supposed to chase them home with a storm? That would be too much.)

     - Attempting to "match" them to make them thing of their "love" and WANT to go home (usually quest ends before I can match them up, but the one time I pulled it off, it didn't work.)


Questions I have:


1. What is the "win" condition? It isn't communicated anywhere in the request; is targeting them in the world supposed to be the "win" condition? If not, what is? 


2. Pardon my language, but HOW THE F*$& does a baby nugget get halfway around the world faster than I can spin the silly thing myself? I found one nugget FULLY GROWN on the other side of the planet and he RAN FROM ME as if the last thing on his mind was going "home". 


I absolutely LOVE the idea of these quests, but the interaction design is not where it needs to be. Here are the things I'd like to know when I get a "find" quest:


- The name of the child early and with emphasis - having to parse a paragraph to discover the name is too much!

- The general direction the child was heading when last seen. 

- I note that many times, the nugget name is NOT in the list of nuggets when I get the request to find them. Is this deliberate? If so, stop that. That's not cool at all - you condition us to RELY on that list and we do. So don't take it from us when we NEED to rely on it.


While I'm at it, the "smite" quest (mess up my adversary) should allow a "win" condition if you "smite" the requester for being a bad person to wish bad things on someone else (especially when they just did what makes them happy). 


That's all for now from me... thanks for listening.

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the reason they die taking them home is a little thing called... space.... they cannot breath in space so if you pan out too much they die due to lack of oxygen... you have to stay relatively close to the planet when your bringing them back.


that being said it was recently implemented and a little buggy and im sure it will be fleshed out eventually.


the win condition for the quest is to take them to the nugget searching for them they will have a glow around them when your holding the nugget.. just drop them very gently next to the target and your done... be careful not to drop them from too high as the fall can and will kill them... and also avoid the whole space thing ;D


and the nugget not showing up in the list is intended... otherwise it would be too easy to find them... however you can get around that by simply going to the quest giver's home.. on their home will be a list of their family including children.. you can use that and it will take you straight to the child.. a bit of an oversight i think... but hey it works.

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