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Funny school bug

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Funny thing I noticed on my playthrough of the latest patch. The "pencils" in school started to grow for every new generation of students, and it got funny.


then they got stronger and got bigger ones


and bigger


and even bigger



Must be one of the funniest bugs yet XD


Also, nuggets still get stuck at places, and farmers sometimes go underground to the other side of the planet without apparent reason. And the population in this playthrough decided to stop mating, with an abundance of food and water and everything as visible from screenshots. Populations start to die XD. Maybe everybody was ugly. Hope they will get at least reasonable functional in some time, they are still a lot "retarded" XD

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Yes indeed, and this is a known issue thats being looked upon. @Nick-ZG

I'm sure we can expect a fix soon :)


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Damn. You were faster.


Then ... let's have the usual contest: who has the bigger one?




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