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Dr Dude

Even with this patch , no fix for reservoir bug ?

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Well it is a couple patches ago, this bug is present : water in reservoir reacts to nothing , it don't freezes in winter and don't evaporate in summer .
Is this bug not in top list priority or what ?

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My guess is that visual bugs are not as highly prioritized as for example pathing issues, since they aren't always game braking. As for this bugs concern it don't seem to be destroying anything except perhaps being a bit annoying as. However, in time all bugs visual or not will be dealt with. Just have some patience @Dr Dude :)

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Well I would like to find out how the QA team works on bugs they find. My thoughts that they do SEE the bugs and report them. But the DEV's push out those updates anyways.. Even with the bugs still inside.. Do not think that is a good approach in doing QA testing.


IMO the QA team is there to tell the DEV's what bugs they found. and that they fix those bugs without bringing out a patch with the bugs still in there. (I know some bugs are less severe then others  , but still a lot of game breaking bugs are in the game now . And those game breaking bugs would be for me a reason not to even bring out the latest patch.


I would do it like this:

- Monthly big updates with adding a lot of new stuff
- Incremental Updates every time when you have them ready to fix the bugs.

Keep us updated with a common big bugs list and which bugs are fixed and worked upon.

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@StronkieNot all patches fix ALL bugs. No software has ever done this. Bugs are often prioritized into several different catagories (each company is different, but most tend to follow the same order)


1) Game stopping or "crash" bugs. Typically this are fixed with top priority

2) Game breaking bugs. Bugs that dont crash the game, but "break" something in the game resulting in the game being unplayable

3) Game "annoying" bugs. Bugs that annoy the player and break the flow of the game, but game play can still be continued

4) Player suggestions and feature requests (not really bugs)


Visual bugs pretty much follow the same priority


the other issues you are dealing with is a small dev team here. Most larger companies can devote a WHOLE dev team to do nothing else but fix coding or visual bugs while they have multiple other teams working on content, story, design, etc. This company is small - with a small dev team, and it sound like most of the devs have to "do it all"


When  you have a small company like that, you tend to get a release cycle more like this:

Release version xx.1 has nothing but bug fixes with little to no content/feature updates

Release version xx.2 has mostly content and feature updates with little to no bug fixes


I've been developing games since 1986 and I've worked for Sony 989 studios, Verant, SOE, and other large - as well as small companies (I've even solo developed Ios/android/windows apps)


And TBH no developer is going to keep you constantly updated as to what bugs they are working on unless it's a MAJOR game breaking/game stopping bug. Kickstarter DOES introduce some unique issues however. Typically a smaller company would get investors/angel funding, and if they couldn't, they wouldn't make a game. When they did get it, the investors usually want updates on how the game is progressing (but they aren't gamers). Now with kickstart backers, the gamers ARE the investors. And they typically, they want what YOU want.. CONSTANT updates of every , little tiny change communicated and pushed weekly or monthly to update the gameplay. I understand why , but it's just not realistic with this small company and this complex a game. I think monthly updates are realistic though.. but not weekly.


And as far as the reservoirs not reacting to weather... That's a SMALLL.. and I mean a SMALLL bug. If I were a dev, I'd put that at almost NO priority. It doesn't break the game in any way. In fact it would make the game "easier". So I'd shove this under the "game annoying" bug category. Now if they froze over and didn't unfreeze. Well then that would be a game breaking bug





TBH, I still consider this game "pre alpha"... or somewhere in between pre alpha and alpha testing. Most people have forgotten what alpha and beta testing mean now a days.


Pre Alpha testing:

Most of the game is missing except for the core. Usually for testing the game engine


Alpha Testing (August 28, 2018) / Early Steam release testing:

Major features still missing in a game and still needed to be added and tested. The game is still FULL of massive game stopping and breaking bugs


Beta testing (we wont see a true beta test for this game until 2019):
Pretty much all the game features or concepts are in the game and working. Most bugs that need testing/fixing are game breaking and annoying bugs.


Public Release and ongoing bug fixing.



TBH, I do NOT see this game being complete in 2018... not with a dev team this small. I see it completing in late 2019. There's no way they can make this game like the concept video in 6 months. The original concept of this game is MASSIVE compared to the size of this dev team. A game like this should be developed by a larger company. Maybe they are hoping to grow the company and the dev team from more funding and steam early release in August.

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Thank you for your answer. But even a release date in late 2019 is optimistic. Even a thing like a Steam Release , pushes back future updates for more then 4 months.

I know they do their best. I know they are a small team. But no this is , in my opinion not done.

It is a shame really , for what I could see in the kickstarter movie , I really hoped this would be the game for me. But something about it now , really makes me shiver. Is it the lack of updates , is it the game itself , is it the progression of the updates , only God knows. I have a bad taste in my mouth.

Don't get me wrong. I really hope this game delivers what it promised. But I hope I am still alive and around to see it and play it.

They have all the support from me what they can have. Also I like how they treat their community. They are really open and listen to all comments.. Even bad reviews.


I do not troll here. I just hope , really hope , that we can finally say. Yes this is the game we all love and want to play.

Just go DEV's Make us proud

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They are busy finding out which bush is better to have in the game

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