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Luke Shrubshall

A Poll to see what you want!

Pre-Medieval to do's  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you want to see by the completion of the next update?

    • More playable medieval buildings
    • Completely fixed building upgrades
    • Completely fixed gender balance and mating
    • Completely fixed for your OS
    • Completely fixed Pre-Medieval stage (without anything Medieval)
    • Improved performance (even if objects like animals are removed, for now)
    • Completely fixed buildings + upgrades and nugget AI to hold a pop. of up to 50 (Pre-Medieval only)
    • I'm happy with any of the above to be completed, except number at this stage.
    • Progress is going well, great work!

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This poll is to get an idea of what the community really wants for their next update and help the Developers get an idea of what we would like priortised based on our play experience and what feels essential to the game at this point in time.


Please feel free to suggest more options for the poll. I will add them based on the most popular.

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You aren't going to get "completely fixed" anything in an alpha game.

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Keep progressing as you have been and fix the bugs that are reported. And maybe search for the words: "idea" and "suggestion" in the #support-feedback-suggestion channel on discord. :)

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Luke, please remember this is an Alpha state game. Completely fixed anything is a tough request at this stage.


Ideas are great, but please be patient. The Crytivo team is working very hard to make this a great game.

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I am sure they are working hard. I am also sure one day the game would come out nicely. But I do hope that they fix Gamebreaking BUGS ASAP (like the upgrade bug) . Once they fix it they should bring it out directly. Not wait for the next big update. Since the last 4 big updates.. They fixed some , but also a lot of other bugs were there.

Makes me wonder why the QA team doesnot see those bugs before releasing.. but maybe they do and push out the update anyways.

Like I said.. Once a big game breaking bug is noticed.. FIX it and get it out directly. Wait for the playerbase to confirm it is indeed working.. then focus on the next bug etc..

The way they are doing it now.. is not working. They have to many Game Breaking bugs left in the update to make the update a nice update. 

So still having mixed feelings about the process they are using

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