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Bugs and Suggestions

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Bugs and Suggestions

Hi everyone, I backed the game about a week ago and I have been playing ever since.

I am sorry if my english is not perfect, is not my mother language. Even if I am living in London I am still Italian :)

I have to say that the game looks very nice, it is very impressive the sound of the thunder (but seriously, i thought it was raining outside!) and is enjoyable, but because it is in Alpha there is still a lot to do, I understand that, but still, I have some suggestions for changes and some ideas for new implementation (well, if no one else suggested that before).


Here I will update from time to time if something more comes up to my mind:

- Water management

- - Oceans/Lake are not refilling with water/snow (yes, I know it is going to be fixed, but I like to have a clean list as much as possible)

- - Water consumtpion is quite high even for small population

- - During rain, Well/Reservoir should be filled by the rain at least a bit

- - During rain, constructions water need shouldn't be required (or should be less), Farm water need should be 0

- - Water needs should come from Reservoir, not from Pump, in order to prevent waaste of water (and pumps shouldn't keep pumping once the reservoir is full)


- Gods Power

- - Give pregnancy: I ended up a game because I had 4 Nuggets left, 3 Women, 1 Men (one of the women was the man children) and I thought it was nice to make a woman pregnant just to keep the game on (or at least try)


- Nuggets Management

- - Once one of the parents die, the partner should be able to "find a replacement" and keep going with his/her life (including relatives, in extreme case parents/children mixup? That may be too much for someone but hey, it's stone age :D

- - If a Nuggets die inside a building the body should be outside, easier to see it and take eventually (yes, Cemetery need huge improvments)


- Structure

- - An empty house should be taken and used from children becoming adults, or if those already have their family, be available for a "new family"

- - I think that the Eatery and Hospital should start with 4 slots for patience and be upgradable, for example, building another Eatery next to the previous one should make it bigger (without need to have as mandatory another cook), this also apply to Hospital, Farm, Cemetery, Engineer and Refinery

- - Fishing pier should have more Fish slots so during fishing season there is enough time to save food for the winter

- - Warehouse, as soon as it is contructed a Nugget should go around and pickup remainings material around and store them (Maybe assign a Nugget specific as Warehouse Manager as Job?) so to don' t have waste of materials.

- - Cemetery, It sound quite pointless to need to build many cemetery, it would be better if bodies get removed from graves and burned after let's say 6/12 months so to free up space in the cemetery using the Funeral Pyre (which should be managed automatically by the Cemetery job assignee)

- - Forecast Tower, when a Nugget send an alarm, all the Nuggets should automatically end their current tasks and go to the Bunker (God can disable the alarm from the button)

- - Bunker, Nugets sometimes remain in the Bunger when the alarm goes off, Food is not getting stored, water is.

- - Farm, there should be some crop that can be farmed all year, or just in winter, so to don't need to rush everything before winter to have food to surive

- - Fishing Pier should be available even during Winter on Oceans/Sea (that will not freeze) maybe with a lower fish availability


- Environment

- - Once a Lake/Ocean doesn't have water anymore, fish that were present shouldn't disappear, they should remain "on the floor" so to use them for Eatery, Storage, Cooking and so on, not for a long time (let's say untill they get "bad") so to "help" the Nuggets during a crisis (no more water is already enough pain!)


- UI

- - There is the Food availability as Raw and Cooked, there is nowhere that say the food overall needs (to see if you will not starve your nuggets)

- - There is the Buliding water consumption and Production, there is no the Nuggets Water needs/availability (to check if you need more Well)


Ok, this is what came up to my mind during playing this game, I am sure there was something else that now I cannot remember, but I will update this post eventually with fixed things and new things I may notice/think of.


Feedback welcome :)


Best regards


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I have some bugs as well. When I loaded a savegame, all the buildings except the pumping station was locked. My huts mysteriously runs out of water even if there's a lot of water left if the nugget population explodes. When the building gets upgraded, it will partway get upgraded, and then they sit there, unbuildable. My nuggets are, well, nuggets. So, basically, that's it. Oh, and when I research everything that there is to be researched, there are no additional research positions. Also, in the powers portion of the menu, shouldn't there be anything that makes all buildings be repaired at once? Thank you.

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I just remembered another thing that may be useful

When you upgrade a building you should set that first materials get prepared and when ready it get build, now if for some reaason something get stucked with material gathering, you lose the building forever (which in case of Hospital and Eatery is a pure disaster).


My opinion is that once you select to upgrade the bulding you get the Update status next to the bulding status, where it show how many materials are ready to use, once all of them are ready, the buidling get dismounted and re-assembled with the upgrade.

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Another thing I just remembered!

When you destroy a building (now I am dooing that when a Hut become unused) you shall receive back some of the resources used to create that building, I mean, it is Stone and Wood for now, it can't just "disappear" :D

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I think from the moment you create a warehouse the nuggets with no job at all should gather wood and stone till it gets to 100, it would solve so many issues that we get in late game stages

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I noticed a few things more:

- On loading of a saved game it happen that Nuggets are stuck, usually specially in front of the Farm entrance

- The company image have the sound that is distorced (more if the resolution is higher)

- Two of my saved games load just forever and never end forcing me to actually start over

- Engineers goes to fix just when there is a very bit of health remaining in the buliding, this is quite wrong, because on big villages you need to keep everything shiny.. so, as soon as the builiding goes with the alert, it should get fixed

- Engineers don't care.. I had many building that needed attentions, 4 Engineering Hut and none of those 4 Engineers assignes care about those repairing other that apparently weren't that bad

- Cemetery works way better now, but the graveyard take long time to do his job, sometimes to "start the routine" I need to manually bring a body near the cemetery

- Because of the cemetery requirement to be "far" from the village, happens quite a lot of time that the graveyard need to drink/eat/sleep while is halfway to the place, maybe would be nice to let nuggets fill-up their needs before go to work

- Hospital, nuggets become irresponsive, they all queue in the hospital even if it is full, pointless, they should keep doing their task and go to the hospital if there is a free slot and check while they are going maybe?

- Sick nuggets require hospital even just after been cured, their "I am very sick, need to go to hospital" level is too high, sometimes they go to Hospital with 79/110(?) of health...

- Church (sorry I don't remember the name of the Tower): It should be created later on, because at that time you are still trying to prepare everything

- Hospital (or Cemetery) on early stage? If you want to get all the "bonus/additional" perks, you cannot get everything immediatly, but this will bring your nuggets to die for Old Age before you have a Cemetery, causing the population to go crazy 

- Fisherman should start doing something else when they cannot fish (once they finish guttering), they just stay in the Fish Pier "doing nothing"...

- God power Coupidon (?) it is quite hard to use because you cannot see the nuggets gender on the flight which can end up to make a same-gender couple which is pointless (at least on a "grow population" as endgame)

- Nuggets still go crazy when they have more than 1/2 buliding to "prepare" and prioritize doesn't work, so they just give up :)

- Nuggets that are forming a family should start to build their house immediatly, so to have for sure 2 nuggets working on that preventing the house to be last thing build and let them sleep on the flour and prevent them to do their job

- Ocean, we need oceans! And would be nice that a bigger lake/sea actually have more water, sometimes you see something that look like huge and than it doesn't have much of water in it, maybe would be nice to "inspect" late before build the evolution tower to decide where to place it based on water and fish amount.


Okay, this is a summary of what I remember now, again I will post updates as soon as I have some time and I remember them :P



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