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READ ME: Bug Reporting

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Guest CM Mirror

READ ME: Bug Reporting

Hello Nuggets once again a new patch, So if you have a bug please can you use this format as it will help a lot, Also if you have a bug please don't post it on other people bug posts that is not related to your bug, If you can't see a post about your bug then make a new post with this format,If you see a post with a bug you have seen you can still comment on that post Thank you 


Please submit a NEW TOPIC  for EACH problem you encounter if a current topic does not already exist. 



We do have a in game bug button now so please do you it :)  Hint it is up in the top right of the screen ;)


Version of the current build: (This will be at the top right corner of the screen)



Operating System: (Windows/XP/Vista/7/10/etc | Linux/RedHat/Solaris/etc | MAC)



Brief BUG/Glitch Description: (Placed Epicenter, and Nuggets start Flying)



How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): (Stabbed Nuggets with a lightsaber, Deathstar wins) The more details you provide on this one, the easier it will be for us and the team to understand the issue and reproduce it, so don't worry if it's lengthy.



Module: (Visual, AI, Text, Mechanics) For instance, nuggets not building a well that has been placed on the ground would be "AI" you can use Forum Tag for this one too



Computer specs: CPU, GPU, Ram.


If you have a crash please read this post on how to submit

Hello people. Your bug submissions are greatly helping us advance towards stability, and move forward while keeping issues under control. We really appreciate the time offered in good will for testing and reporting, always is a substantial part of what takes to make a great game.


I'd like to introduce some guidelines on reporting crash issues, in order to optimize our joint efforts to improve The Universim!


Generally speaking, crash issues require all possible relevant and available data. The very nature of a crash leave us with limited information to work with, so its important if you guys can detail some aspects, as follow:


  • Consistency (the issue happens always under certain conditions, or is it random).
  • Steps to reproduce or a clear description of the context (ie. context of random crash: "alyways after year 60, and not before building 5 houses and having 25 nuggets").
  • Screenshot (when possible) of any particular messages or happenings around the crash.
  • Build information & game settings.
  • Output log. This is a file that can be found in different places depending on plataform:

     [...]\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Universim\The Universim_Data\output_log.txt
    %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\output_log.txt

     ~/.config/unity3d/Crytivo Games Inc/The Universim/Player.log

  • System specs.
  • DxDiag.txt, crash.dmp and error.log are always welcome.
  • Of course, any relevant notes at your consideration are welcome and appreciated.


I think that should cover it, but please do let me know if you think Im forgeting anything.




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